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Home Loan: EMI Calculator

Calculate your Home Loan EMIs instantly

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Access our digital home loan calculator to find the best terms for yourself. Use it whenever needed, at no cost, and get accurate results every time. We also offer a PMAY subsidy calculator, which calculates the subsidy you can qualify for if you meet the eligibility terms.

Step 1: Visit the calculator webpage
Step 2: Input the home loan amount you require
Step 3: Fill in the interest rate offered to you by Poonawalla Fincorp
Step 4: Enter the loan duration under section ‘Tenure’
Step 5: View the results under the section ‘EMI Amount’

To handle repayment easily, simply compute the best EMI amount you can manage every month. Finding the ideal instalment amount requires you to find the balance between the 3 key loan components.

  • Home loan interest rate: The rate of interest offered to you is applicable on the principal amount you borrow for your chosen tenure. A higher interest rate will result in larger EMIs, which is why you should always try to secure the lowest rate possible.
  • Sanction: The loan amount you borrow greatly impacts your EMIs as you are paying it off over the tenure. As such, borrowing a large sanction will result in higher monthly payments.
  • Home loan tenure: The tenure is your repayment window. Here, choosing a longer tenure means you will have more time to repay, and your EMIs will be smaller as a result. The inverse is also true, meaning your EMIs will increase if you opt for a short tenure.

Knowing how to calculate home loan EMI amounts is an important skill. The instalment amount is a crucial factor in finding loan terms that you can manage without strain. Here are 3 ways to do this calculation.

  • Online calculator: The home loan calculator is the easiest and quickest way to calculate your EMIs. This specialised tool is available on our webpage and all you need to do is input the values for the loan amount, tenure, and interest rate. The housing loan EMI calculator will automatically generate results and display them on the same page.
  • Microsoft Excel: Here, you will have to use the Microsoft Excel program and the ‘PMT’ formula. To get started, choose a cell on the spreadsheet, choose the formula, and input the loan data into the following variables accurately.
    • ‘NPER’: This stands for loan tenure in months
    • ‘Rate’: This is the rate of interest on a monthly basis
    • ‘PV’: This denotes the loan amount or principal value
    Enter the values for ‘FV’ and ‘Type’ as 0 and 1, respectively.
  • Manual calculation: Lastly, you can manually calculate the EMIs. This is the most difficult way and is prone to error. To do the calculation manually, you must use the following formula:
    EMI = [P x R x (1+R) ^ N] / [(1+R) ^ (N-1)]
    ‘P’ denotes the principal amount
    ‘N’ denotes the tenure in months
    ‘R’ denotes the interest rate applicable on a monthly basis

Maintaining affordable EMIs is a key part of borrowing smartly. With pocket-friendly monthly payments, the risk of default is low, and you can handle your other obligations without compromise. To enjoy these benefits, follow these tips.

  • Make a higher down payment
  • Borrow a smaller loan amount
  • Prepay the loan at least once during the tenure
  • Opt for a balance transfer
  • Negotiate for a lower interest rate
  • Choose a longer tenure

Where can I find the home loan repayment calculator?

Our home loan EMI calculator is available online on a dedicated webpage. Simply visit the home loan webpage and click on ‘EMI Calculator’.

Can I use the home loan calculator to reduce EMIs?

Yes. It is an effective tool for such a purpose, as you can adjust the values for different loan particulars until you find an acceptable EMI amount.

Is the home loan EMI calculator a reliable tool?

Yes. We guarantee accurate results every time with our home loan EMI calculator.

Do I have to pay a fee for using the EMI calculator?

No. This is a free tool that you can access on our website at any time and for as many times as you want or need.

How can I access the amortisation schedule?

Once you’ve calculated the EMI amount, click on ‘Check Repayment Schedule’. This will open up an interactive table that will have all the loan payments details clearly listed.

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