Terms of Service

1. These Terms of Service shall apply to and regulate the provision of products/services provided/made available by Poonawalla Fincorp Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “PFL”), through any of PFL’s Platform (website, mobile site, or application of PFL). Any changes to these terms of service shall be binding on the user.

2. My acceptance to the Terms of Service is generated and preserved as electronic record under the Information Technology Act, 2000, (together with its amendments, and rules made thereunder, and other prevailing law(s) / regulations as may be applicable at the relevant point of time) and will be binding on me. By downloading, accessing, browsing, subscribing to any product, I have expressly read, understood, and accepted the entire Terms of Service. Upon commencement of access / usage / subscription and by submitting my one-time electronic acceptance/confirmation/authentication either through registered mobile phone or through any electronic/web platform and/or through email id to PFL, it is construed as deemed acceptance. If any of these Terms of Service conflict with any other document/electronic record in this behalf, these terms and conditions shall prevail, until further changes/ modifications are notified by PFL.

3. I hereby agree and acknowledge that (i) I am at least 18 years of age, (ii) I am duly authorised either in your individual capacity (iii) I understand, read and access the world wide web / internet in English language, (iv) I have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.

4. I authorize PFL to exchange, share all information and details as provided by me for availing of the products/services and for promotion/communication purpose to PFL’s business partners/group companies/ permitted assigns/subsidiaries/agents/service provider/representatives/empaneled merchants (collectively referred to as “Affiliates”) and any third party including but not limited to, banks, financial institutions, credit bureaus, telecommunication companies, statutory bodies, empaneled merchants, central KYC registry, Reserve Bank of India, GST portal, CIBIL/CRISIL/any credit rating agency/credit information company, information utility, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL)/ UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTIITSL) for verification, personalization of products or services, credit rating, data enrichment, marketing or promotion of PFL services or related products or that of its Affiliates or for enforcement of my obligations and I shall not hold PFL/its Affiliates liable for the use/sharing of the information as stated above. Further, I authorize PFL/its Affiliates to seek/obtain any other information, relating to me, from any third party as may be required under the the applied credit facilities.

5. I hereby expressly authorize PFL/its Affiliates to send me transaction and/or promotional communications and/or to avail of loans, insurance and other products from PFL/its Affiliates /or third parties through telephone calls/SMS/emails/WhatsApp/bitly/bots/in person communication etc. or through any other means of physical and electronic communication. I expressly waive any restriction rights available to me or any NDNC request made by me under the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations in relation to solicitation, offers made by PFL.

6. I hereby understand and acknowledge that upon accessing PFL/its Affiliates platform/website, PFL/ its group companies/business partners may access your cookies/device information and other details accessible through the widget/lead generation page to provide customized services.

7. I further understand that if I choose to avail of any product/service from PFL or its Affiliates, I will be required to submit documents to the satisfaction of PFL/its Affiliates and accept the terms and conditions/required formalities for availing of the product and the terms and conditions/policies for purchase and use of the products/services of the Affiliates (if any).

8. I understand that I may withdraw my consent to receive promotional communication or delete information shared with PFL by writing to customercare@poonawallafincorp.com

9. I understand that PFL may be required to share/transmit my information/data through physical/electronic means and that there may be risks/loss of information involved, which are beyond the control of PFL, and I shall not hold PFL/its Affiliates liable for the same.

10. I understand and acknowledge that:

(a) PFL employees/personnel/Affiliates will not contact me directly for disclosure of any sensitive and personal information unless required for providing any product/service availed by me. Hence, I am solely responsible to exercise proper due diligence to verify the identity of the individual(s) contacting me before disclosing any personal and sensitive personal data/ information such as reaching out to PFL’s nearest branch or PFL’s official customer care number accessible on https://poonawallafincorp.com/ for verification/before any disclosure.

(b) I hereby waive off from making any claims / demands / compensation against PFL and its Affiliates and shall be solely liable for disclosure of any personal/sensitive personal information without exercising proper due diligence at my end.

(c) I shall undertake to use only the official website/links of PFL/its Affiliates for availing products/services by inputting the domain information.

(d) Regarding the potential risk of data/privacy breach, I confirm that I shall be solely liable for any unauthorized disclosure/breach of data, etc. and any direct/indirect losses suffered by me due to the same. Hence, I shall exercise utmost caution to ensure that my personal data/sensitive personal data (including but not limited to any passwords, financial information, account details, etc.) are NOT shared/stored/made accessible through:

(i) any physical means with or without my knowledge (disclosure to any person/third party etc.) and/or;

(ii) through any electronic means, by exercising the following precautions/safety measures:

(a) I shall always check if “https” appears in any website’s address bar before making any online transaction, to ensure that the webpage is encrypted;

(b) I shall avoid using third party extensions, plug-ins or add-ons on my web browser, as it may result in the risk of tracking or stealing of my personal details;

(c) I shall always type the information and not use the auto-fill option on web browser to prevent the risk of storage of my personal/sensitive personal information;

(d) I shall NOT access darknet, unauthorized/suspicious websites, suspicious online platforms, download applications from unreliable sources;

(e) I shall ensure to disable cookies before accessing any domain/website, to ensure that my personal information is not tracked by any third party, unless otherwise consciously permitted by me by accepting the same;

(f) I shall NOT respond to any generic emails from an unknown/unidentified source;

(g) I shall check the privacy policy of the website/application to know the type of information that may be collected from me and the manner in which it may be processed by the website/application before accepting/proceeding/transaction on any website/application;

(h) I shall always verify and install authentic web/mobile applications from reliable source on my computer/laptop/tab/iPad/smart phone or any other electronic device;

(i) I shall NOT access any unidentified weblinks, bitly or any other electronic links shared over electronic platform (such as email, sms, social media, websites).

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