Personal Loan Disbursment Process

Loan Disbursement: Know Its Meaning & Process

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If you are planning to take a Personal Loan, it is essential to have as much knowledge as possible about the loan and the entire approval, the Personal Loan disbursement process, and the repayment process to avoid situations like the loan amount disbursed but not credited. Especially to fund a financial emergency, you should try to know as much as possible about the Personal Loan disbursement procedure. This will help you ensure that you can get the loan on time to manage any financial need.

What is Loan Disbursement?

Loan disbursement takes place when the lender transfers the loan amount applied for by a borrower to the latter’s specified bank account. There are lots of factors that are considered before a lender begins the disbursement process, including the verification and approval of the borrower’s details that were submitted during the loan application process.

So, what is the Personal Loan disbursement process? What is the Personal Loan disbursement time after approval that the lender will take to disburse your loan? How to check loan disbursement? Let us go through the complete application and disbursement process to understand Personal Loans better and avoid situations like a loan disbursed but not credited.

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Personal Loan Disbursement Process

Getting a Personal Loan is an easy way of financing a wide variety of needs. Whether you are planning your next vacation or renovating your home, Personal Loans are the best option to ensure cash flow whenever you are in need. Many banks and lending organizations offer easy and affordable Personal Loan solutions to customers.
If you know all the steps involved in the Personal Loan disbursement process in banks, you can complete all the formalities on time and get the loan quickly. So, let’s check out this useful guide that will help you get started.

loan confirmation process

1. Beginning The Process

The Personal Loan disbursement process starts with the processing of your loan application. After you submit the form, the lender will either take a few hours in case of an online application or a week if you apply offline, to verify your credentials. Once the lender is satisfied with the information you have provided, you will proceed to the next step.

Apart from the application form, you will also be asked to submit a set of document proofs for verification. Make sure all your paperwork is duly verified, wherever required, and updated to avoid any delay in the process. The document requirement could change a bit from lender to lender, however, the following is an indicative list:

ID proof

ID proof

Income Proof

Income proof

Income Tax Return

Income Tax Return (ITR)

Address Proof

Address proof

Bank details

Bank details

passport size photographs

Two passport size photographs


2. Loan Approval

Once you have submitted the loan application along with the required documents, the lender will initiate the approval process. Depending on the lender you choose, approval may take 2-3 business days. Approval may take longer if your documents are not in order. So, make sure you thoroughly go through the documents required for the Personal Loan before submitting your loan application. Loan approval becomes faster if you are an existing customer of the lender. 

3. Loan Disbursement

If your loan is approved, the lender will send you an approval letter by e-mail or post. The sanction letter will mention that your loan application has been approved, along with other details like interest rate, loan amount, Equated Monthly Installment (EMI), etc.

Loan amount disbursed but not credited? No worries, because Personal Loan disbursement time can be up to 1-2 working days after approval. You can then go to the lender and get a cheque for the loan amount. Some lenders even mail the cheque to your address. In the last few years, most lenders have started crediting the loan amount directly into the borrower’s bank account.

The disbursed loan amount may differ from the amount sanctioned according to the agreement. The sanction letter is just a simple notification from the lender indicating that you are eligible for a particular loan under certain conditions. However, the disbursal loan amount is subject to various additional formalities that you must complete once the loan is sanctioned. 

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What Happens After Personal Loan Disbursement?

loan disbursement process

Loan Confirmation

Once the loan is disbursed, the lender will send you a confirmation letter for the same. Generally, it is sent by e-mail or post. The confirmation letter usually comes with a welcome kit. The welcome kit will contain detailed information about your loan, EMI, amortization table, EMI payment options, due dates, customer support, and much more.

Loan Repayment

After receiving the loan amount, you can start repaying it as per the loan agreement. EMI can be paid through Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) or a post-dated cheque.

If you already have an account with the bank from which you have taken the loan, you can also give a standing instruction for automatic EMI debit on a specified date every month. Pay your monthly EMIs on time as non-payment or late payments may attract penalties and adversely affect your credit score.

Being An Informed Borrower

It is always better to know everything about the Personal Loan before you apply for it. This way, you can make a good and informed decision. Don’t just plainly accept the charges and terms laid out by the borrower. Understand them properly and try to negotiate for a lower interest rate if you can. Thoroughly check the loan documents, especially the interest rate, penalty, and repayment options, to avoid any errors.

Key Takeaways From The Personal Loan Disbursal Process

  • The interest rate applicable on your loan is based on your monthly income, credit score, and loan repayment tenure
  • You can transfer your loan from one lender to another at any time. But when you change lenders, you might be charged a penalty.
  • Technology plays an important role in Personal Loan disbursement

In Digital Lending, customers can avail of instant Personal Loans digitally. They do not need to visit the bank and fill out the application form. The entire process can be done easily on the lender’s website or mobile application.

After submission of Personal Loan applications, the data is checked using data analytics and AI. The borrower’s past repayment record is considered to indicate the possibility of the applicant repaying the loan amount. Once the bank is confident of lending the loan amount, the money is disbursed to the lender's account within hours. This was difficult with the old traditional lending methods.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, loan disbursement is straightforward, but every step is important. Though the process is not much time-consuming, you can ensure faster disbursement by choosing a lender like Poonawalla Fincorp.

Thanks to our simple, few-step online Personal Loan application process, you can apply and get your loan in no time. All you need to do is enter your details and input loan requirements to get started. So why go anywhere else? Apply Now.

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