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How to Get a BH Number Plate: Eligibility, Registration & Cost Required

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In India, relocating to another state or city is easy. But if you are planning to take your vehicle as well, it is mandatory to re-register your vehicle with that state or city. A passenger vehicle may only be operated for a maximum of 12 months without transferring the registration to the new state or city, according to the Motor Vehicles Act. Once this 12-month period is over, the owner must transfer registration to the new state, or they must pay fines and penalties. Hence, it is important to know different aspects of this system, especially how to apply for a BH number plate.

How to Get a BH Number Plate Registration

Re-registration is time-consuming, especially for people who have transferrable jobs, such as those from a defence background or other government employees. Taking this into account, MoRTH (Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways) took the initiative and launched the Bharat series number plates in 2021. This will make it easier for the vehicle owner to relocate to a different state without hassle. 
Bharat (BH) number plate registration has made it easier for people to transfer from one place to another. Keep reading to learn how to apply for a BH number plate, its eligibility and the cost involved. 

Eligibility Criteria for Bharat (BH) Number Plate Registration

The Bharat series was introduced in the year 2021 in September all over the nation by MoRTH (Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways). Its objective was to reduce the time, effort and documentation required when an employee with transferable jobs relocates to another city. 
A BH number plate is not available to everyone. BH-licensed plates are offered to government officials who work in the armed forces, private administration, or banking firms with offices spread across four or more states or union territories.

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Steps for BH Number Plate Registration

Once you have met the eligibility criteria for the BH series number plate, the next step is to register for the same. 
Simply follow the below-mentioned steps for registration:

  • Step 1: There are two ways to register, you can log into MoRTH’s Vahan Portal or you can get assistance from an automobile dealer. 
  • Step 2: If you are getting assistance from a dealer, they will fill out Form 20 on the portal on your behalf. 
  • Step 3: Private sector employees- who have locations in more than four states or UTs are required to submit Form 60 along with employment ID and work certificate.
  • Step 4: After submitting the documents, state authorities verify the eligibility of the owner. 
  • Step 5: BH series is selected during the application process.
  • Step 6: Submit the working certificate (Form 60) and a copy of the official ID card for further processing. 
  • Step 7: Wait for the Regional Transportation Office (RTO) for approval. 
  • Step 8: Pay for the necessary motor vehicle tax online. 

After completion of these steps, the Vahan portal generates the BH series registration number. The Bharat series number plate includes a year of registration (YY), followed by BH, a 4-digit number and XX which indicates the vehicle type. 
For example, “23BH 1234AA”. 

Cost and Road Tax Required for BH Number Plate

The road tax for private vehicles under the BH series is charged for two years or multiple of two years (four, six and eight years). It can be paid online and is applicable for 14 years. After completion of 14 years, annual payments become compulsory. The tax rates are calculated based on vehicle invoice prices, where electric vehicles are charged less. 
Here is the price distribution of the BH series number plate:

Invoice Cost

Motor Vehicle Tax (% of the invoice)

Less than Rs. 10 Lakh


 Rs. 10 Lakh to Rs. 20 Lakh


More than Rs. 20 Lakh


 Note: Deisel vehicles will be charged 2% extra and electric vehicles will be charged 2% less tax. 


In conclusion, the BH series number plates have made it easier for people with transferable jobs to relocate to different states or union territories without any hassles. However, it is only available to a certain category of people. The process of applying for a BH series number plate is simple and can be done through the Vahan portal or with the assistance of an automobile dealer. The cost of the BH series number plate is calculated based on the vehicle invoice price and the applicable road tax rate. It is important to keep in mind that diesel vehicles will be charged 2% extra and electric vehicles will be charged 2% less tax.


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