Types of Medical Equipment

What Are the Various Types of Medical Equipment

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As medical technology advances, there are more types of medical equipment to choose from. This is a great news for patients who will have the opportunity to receive quality medical care and assistance from highly trained medical professionals who utilize the latest equipment in advanced medical procedures. As a result, it is important for doctors to know what different types of medical equipment are available in the market, their functionality, and how they all work coherently together to be able to assist and treat the patient accordingly. 
For doctors starting their own clinic or hospital, the vast knowledge about medical equipment is crucial too as it would help them to decide which equipment to invest in and how to upgrade them in future.  

Types of Medical Equipment

 1.    Diagnostic Equipment 
Diagnostic devices are used to determine the nature or origin of a specific phenomenon, which is usually related to a medical issue. Diagnostic devices include magnetic resonance imaging equipment, temperature monitors, and pacemakers. Based on the symptoms, the diagnostic test is performed, and the proper tool is utilized to evaluate the patient internally. It is also utilized when doctors or technicians are looking for the source of an abnormality in diseased bodily organs or parts that are showing noticeable symptoms. 
2.    Durable Medical Equipment (DME) 
The DME is primarily used to provide therapeutic benefits for specific conditions or illnesses that must be prescribed by a physician. Durable Medical Equipment is a long-lasting and reusable device that can be used in the hospital or at home to treat patients.
The long-lasting medical equipment has undergone a series of tests and is guaranteed of quality; they are also specially designed to provide optimum aid for the safety and wellness of the patients for a longer duration. The features of DME include non-slip and load-bearing strength, and the cost of purchasing one is usually covered by health insurance plans. Manual wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs, hospital beds, nebulizers, stationary or portable oxygen tanks and insulin pumps are few of the common DME in the market today. 
3.    Treatment Equipment 
These devices are typically intended to address a specific medical issue. They use cutting-edge technology to correct any abnormalities in the damaged organs or tissues and restore their function. Examples of treatment equipment include medical lasers, surgical gloves, caps, gowns, and glasses. 
4.    Life Support Equipment 
This type of medical equipment is used to keep a patient's bodily functions intact. Without life support, the patient's organs or systems will struggle to function on their own, and there are a range of life support technologies available in the medical sector today. Few common equipment you can find in hospitals are Dialysis Machine, Incubators and Heart-lung Machines. 
5.    Medical Laboratory Equipment 
These are specialized sorts of lab equipment known as medical laboratory gadgets that are used in all types of medical clinics or diagnostic laboratories to analyze urine, blood, genes, and other biological material. Like Blood collection supplies, Electrolyte analyzers, Drug testing analyzers, Coagulation analyzers and so on. 

Medical Equipment Loan for Hospitals/Doctor/Clinic/Lab

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