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Set Up Your Franchise with Franchise Business Loans

June 29, 2022 • 4382 views
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Starting your business is always a good idea. Building something from scratch and earning out of it is undoubtedly an achievement. However, business means you have to deal with both profits and losses, and sometimes it can get challenging. Fluctuations in any industry are normal.
Operating a franchise can help you enter the world of entrepreneurship and earn a profit once you are settled. When you obtain a franchise of an established brand, you need not struggle with branding, and your operating protocols are well-defined. All your marketing efforts can be dedicated to acquiring customers. Every brand will have one requirement: you need a working capital to pay for the franchise and manage the operating expenses later. If you require funds or you're not qualifying for a business loan, you can opt for franchise business loans specifically designed for that purpose. Here are steps on how you can go about it.

1. Identify a business opportunity and its working capital

The first step is to decide which business you want to start or join. Starting your business should always start by categorizing which sector you want to grow in. You can choose retail, food, clothing, or anything you love. Compare different types of business and identify the right amount of working capital to manage the business. This capital will be needed to fund the franchise’s advertising, inventory, royalties, etc. 

2. Preparing a business plan

Now that you have decided to start your franchise business research the current owner. Search thoroughly for who owns that brand. How long has the brand been in existence? Learn about different things to understand what you can include in your business plan. For example, you can consider various things like equipment information, advertising details, infrastructure details, etc. To reach the break-even point, give quality time to consider multiple things, including monthly revenue, expenses, and profit margin.
Once you have completed your plan, you will know the amount of loan you want.
How much monthly expenses you can afford, and you can later look for franchise business loan providers easily.

3. Take a practical decision about the required amount

Sometimes starting a franchise gives you a false sense of security. You compare how much other franchise owners earn and start assuming you will make the same profit. Don’t forget that markets can vary by location and other factors. Plus, you need to be ready for the loss too. So, make sure you are always prepared with the required funds.

4. Check eligibility for the loan 

You should have a clear idea about the amount of loan you need to borrow. Remember, your loan eligibility amount depends on primary factors like your disposable income, work experience, and employment type. Additional points include your age, citizenship, and your credit score. In addition, your minimum monthly salary needs to be above Rs 20,000, your age should be 22- 58 years, and you must have a work experience of a minimum of 1 year with at least two months’ stable employment at the current job.

5. Calculate your Loan EMI

You must calculate your EMI beforehand whenever you’re applying for a loan. Poonawalla Fincorp offers a franchise business loan EMI calculator, where you can get details of your monthly outflow. Use the calculator by entering the loan amount, repayment tenor, and interest rate. You will immediately know the exact amount you need to pay every month and provide a detailed repayment schedule. So, you can plan repayment of loans comfortably without taking the burden of liability.

6. Apply for our instant franchise business loans online

You can apply for an instant loan online in just a few steps on our website. You need to fill in your basic details like name, mobile number, PAN, email ID, loan amount, and tenor. Our minimum document requirement helps you complete the application process in no time from the comfort of your home.

Summing up, starting a franchise business is not a tricky task if you have got a flexible and trusted lender like us. All you need is a known brand name, a strategic business plan, and investment. So, don’t give up on your chance of being an entrepreneur. Contact Poonawalla Fincorp for your franchise business loan requirement today!

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