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Risks of Buying a Used Car from a Private Seller

August 22, 2022 • 4721 views

When it comes to buying a used car, you have two choices – buy it from a dealership or from a private seller. You can save money if you choose a private seller. However, there are certain risks of buying a used car from a private seller. What are they? Read on to find out!

13 Risks of Buying a Used Car From a Private Seller

Investing in a car is a huge monetary commitment and keeping that in mind, noting the risks associated with a private dealer is important:

1. Lack of Warranty
Buying a car from a private seller can be a costly affair in the future, since they usually do not provide you with a warranty. It means that if shortly after purchasing the car, it requires repair or replacement services, you will have to bear the expenses.
On the other hand, a dealership will provide you with a warranty, which will protect you from extra upkeep and repair/replacement costs for a certain time period.

2. Limited Legal Recourse
A private seller may oversell the condition of the used car to make you buy it. Once you buy it, you are solely responsible for any issues which may arise later. Your transactions with private dealers have less legal protection as said private sellers may often be unregistered. To avoid any extra expenses post-purchase, steer clear from buying through private dealers.

3. Limited Financing Options
Private car dealers offer limited financing options. If you do not have enough funds available, it may be difficult for you to buy it with the whole amount. Plus, if you are a first-time buyer, applying for a loan may be an overwhelming task.

4. Uncertainty About Vehicle History
There is always a chance that your private car dealer is overstating the value and condition of the used car. They may not provide you with critical documents involving information about possible issues, which may cause problems later. With an unreliable vehicle record, you do not have much to leverage to make an informed choice of purchasing the car. So, you may even run the risk of encountering accidents while driving.

5. Potential for Undisclosed Accidents
If you, as a buyer, learn about the car’s potential for getting into accidents, you may change your mind about buying the used car from private seller. To avoid this loss on the private dealer’s end, they may not be completely transparent with you. However, this may put your and your fellow passengers’ safety at risk in the future.

6. Difficulty in Negotiations
Even though private car dealers may be open to negotiations, it may be difficult to arrive at a fair deal with them. In most cases, they do not have a structured pricing policy to go off of. Be prepared, you might have to deal with unrealistic price ranges. You can try to negotiate reasonably by being firm and assertive, but it may or may not work.

7. Lack of Certified Pre-Owned Options
Private dealers usually do not provide warranties or inspection services, which, on the other hand, dealerships do. Without these benefits, you will have to pay for the car inspection or the required repair/replacement services from your own pocket.

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8. Incomplete Paperwork
Incomplete paperwork may lead to future frustrations associated with the transfer of ownership. It is recommended that you only sign on paperwork which is properly filled out to avoid any conflict with the regulatory authorities.

9. Limited Return Policy
When considering how to buy a used car from a private seller, it is essential to keep in mind there is no return policy you can rely on. If issues arise shortly after purchase, you most likely have to deal with them on your own instead of returning the car.

10. Risk of Stolen Vehicles
It is more common than you would expect to unknowingly purchase a stolen car from a private car dealer. Making this kind of purchase will lead to taking a legal liability upon yourself. As private dealers do not conduct thorough background checks on the vehicles they are putting up for sale, they may end up handing a stolen car over to you.

11. Limited After-sales Support
Private dealers offer limited to no post-sales support. If any problem arises, you have to get them solved on your own, by paying with your own hard-earned money. However, doing so after already making such a huge investment may prove to be quite frustrating.

12. Higher Insurance Costs
Used cars bought through private dealers are usually more expensive to insure. It is so because insurers mark up the insurance costs of privately bought vehicles. The insurance costs are justified, keeping in view the possibility of the cars having potential unrevealed issues.

13. Impact on Resale Value
As you have now learnt about the potential risks associated with buying a used car from private seller – other people are also aware of them. So, looking at the vehicle’s private dealer past, a potential buyer may reconsider and not buy the car. To be on the safe side, they may end up passing on the offer, no matter how attractive it may be.

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To Conclude

There are several risks of buying a used car from a private seller. Choose a deadlership instead to avoid unnecessary hassles. You will have more financing options if you buy the used car from a dealer. To quick funding options, get a Pre-owned Car Loan from Poonawalla Fincorp with attractive interest rates and a flexible repayment process. Apply now!


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