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5 Easy Steps To Get Quick Approval On Loan For Doctors In India

June 25, 2022 • 4516 views

A self-employed doctor or a medical practitioner requires finances to run a clinic, just like any other business. Clinics require continual renovation, extension, and workforce intake, allowing doctors to engage in their profession with the most fantastic facilities. As a result, financial institutions have created doctor's loans or Personal Loans for medical professionals to meet the unique requirements of a medical practitioner.

Doctor's Loans, also known as medical practice loans, are small Personal Loans for medical professionals with short business cycles and expenses. A medical practice loan allows medical business owners to stabilize their cash flow cycle, maintain operations during slow periods, and cover short- and long-term needs.

Loans for Medical Professionals Can Be Used for:

  • Purchasing medical or office equipment
  • Remodeling your medical or surgical facility
  • Marketing your practice
  • Adding another physician
  • Covering regular expenses/paying bills while waiting for insurance payments
  • Covering everyday expenses during slow periods
  • Purchasing inventory/supplies
  • Hiring more medical practitioners and staff

A Personal Loan for medical professionals helps doctors pay off their debts, purchase high-end medical equipment, or fund the refurbishment of the clinic. Personal Loans for medical professionals have no end-use restrictions, don't demand collateral, and have longer tenures, making them the ideal way to fulfil financial goals without concern.
So how can you make sure that your loans are quickly approved?

Tips to Ensure Quick Loan Approval

1.    Find a Lender Who Understands Your Financial Needs and Goals

Personal Loan providers can help with various situations and financial requirements. While you may not believe you can qualify with a slightly lower credit score, specific lenders will examine applicants with credit scores as low as 580 or 600. You will be charged interest rates usually on the higher end of the lender's range. Some lenders specialize in debt consolidation loans if debt consolidation is your primary motivation for seeking a Personal Loan. Also, some lenders limit what exactly you can do with the loan money. So going to the right lender is essential to ensure a quick loan approval.

2.    Improve Your Credit Rating

Before applying for physician Business Loans and hoping to get rapid loan approval, it's always a good idea to have and keep a strong credit score. Check if you've missed any credit card payments, EMI, or loan payments to see how your credit score is affected. Maintaining track is essential, as any missed payments can result in a poor credit score. Keeping your credit score high is also necessary to obtain more affordable Personal Loan interest rates.
It would be best if you kept an eye on your credit score to make sure it meets these conditions–

  • You should note whether you made your previous loan repayments and EMI payments on schedule. 
  • There should be no delays in loan payments, as this could negatively impact your credit score.
  • A credit score above 700 is perceived as a good credit score.

3.    The Ratio of Debt to Income

The debt-to-income (DTI) ratio should ideally be less than 50%, indicating more financial stability. Your DTI also assures you that you can repay your loan more quickly. Therefore, the lender approves your loan instantly.

4.    Do Not Apply for More Than You Require

Consider how much money you'll need to borrow before submitting your physician business loan application. Calculate how much debt you'll be consolidating if you take out a loan to renovate your clinic or add another degree to your education. Remember that the more money you need to borrow, the higher your monthly payments and the more interest you'll pay.
Borrowing the amount you need while being sensible about it shows your credibility and that you will efficiently repay the loan. When evaluating for approval, many lenders will consider this. If you can maturely analyze the amount of money you require, it calls for quick approval of your loan request.

5.    Invite a Co-applicant

A co-applicant is the individual who applies for the loan with you and shares equal responsibility for repayment. Co-applicants, also known as co-borrowers, can typically be added to your Personal Loan application form.
Applying with a co-applicant with a better credit score than you can help you get a lower interest rate or even get authorized where you might not have been considered otherwise. This credibility of the co-applicant adds up and ensures that you will pay the loan on time. It builds trust and allows the lender to approve your loans faster.

6.    Stay on Track with Your Lender

If you have a strong relationship with your lender and are a consistent borrower, you should be able to get the loan even faster. A positive relationship with the lender will allow you to avoid much of the documentation process, resulting in a faster loan approval. To foster a friendly relationship with your lender, pay back your dues on time. 

7.    Choose Online Application

Applying for a Personal Loan online will help you move closer to your aim of obtaining a loan approval as soon as possible. When you apply for this loan online and submit all relevant documents, your lender will send you a confirmation message as soon as you agree to the interest rates and other terms and conditions.
You can receive loan application updates by email or text message when you approve the terms, and the lender approves your application. It would take another 1-2 days for the loan to be disbursed after approval.

Features of Personal Loan for Doctors

The following are the most important aspects and benefits of business loans for medical professionals:

  • Processing time is quick
  • Applying is simple and fast
  • Options with a range of flexible limits
  • Simple repayment alternatives
  • Disbursement on time
  • There’s no need for a guarantor
  • Partial payment is acceptable
  • Loans are pre-approved

So, now that you know about the procedure of loans for medical professionals, you can go for that long pending clinic renovation or upgrade it with the latest technology to enhance your practice. Choose from the best Personal Loan for Doctors offered by some of the most reputed and recognized lenders like Poonawalla Fincorp, who can provide you with a loan amount of up to Rs 30 lakhs online with minimum documentation and quick approvals at competitive interest rates. 


We take utmost care to provide information based on internal data and reliable sources. However, this article and associated web pages provide generic information for reference purposes only. Readers must make an informed decision by reviewing the products offered and the terms and conditions. Professional Loan disbursal is at the sole discretion of Poonawalla Fincorp. 
*Terms and Conditions apply

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