CNG vs Petrol Vs Diesel Car

CNG vs Petrol vs Diesel - Which Car is the Best to Buy?

January 09, 2024 • 1008 views

Gasping at skyrocketing diesel prices? It's time to ditch the pump dilemma and rethink your ride! Petrol, CNG, Diesel - which one reigns supreme? Buckle up and get ready to discover the car fuel that roars your wallet's approval, soothes your eco-conscience, and fuels your journey. Continue reading for a comparison between CNG vs petrol vs diesel, where we unravel their performance, cost, and environmental impact.

Which Car is Best: Petrol or Diesel or CNG?

Go through this table to have a detailed idea about which car to buy petrol or diesel or CNG.






Highest among these three fuel types.

Lowest among the three.

Higher mileage than petrol, but lower than CNG.

Engine life

Engine life is similar to petrol engines.

Engine life lasts shorter than desiel engines.

Engine life lasts longer than both CNG and petrol.

Maintenance Cost

Highest among these three fuel types due to the fitment of the CNG kit.

Higher than diesel lower than CNG

Lowest among the three


Advantages and Disadvantages of CNG Cars

Here is a list of the most important advantages and disadvantages of CNG-Powered Cars:

Advantages of CNG Cars

  • These cars offer a versatile bi-fuel option, allowing owners to operate them on either CNG or petrol at their convenience.
  • These vehicles exhibit superior fuel efficiency when compared to both petrol and diesel vehicles.
  • CNG four-wheelers are environmentally friendly, producing minimal carbon emissions and contributing to a cleaner atmosphere.
  • CNG vehicles boast lower running costs compared to diesel and petrol counterparts, as the price of CNG is significantly lower.

Disadvantages of CNG Cars

  • They have smaller tank capacities, resulting in a shorter driving range compared to petrol and diesel cars.
  • Among the three fuel types, CNG vehicles typically have the lowest torque.
  • CNG cars may not provide the optimum driving experience, often delivering lower performance levels.
  • The maintenance cost for CNG vehicles is relatively higher when compared to petrol and diesel engine types.
  • The presence of the CNG cylinder in the boot area reduces the available storage space in CNG vehicles.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Petrol Cars 

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of petrol cars:

Advantages of Petrol Cars:

  • Petrol cars are more budget-friendly compared to other fuel types.
  • Lower Noise, Vibration, and Harshness levels contribute to a smoother and more comfortable driving experience.
  • Faster pick-up ensures a stable power output, enhancing overall performance.
  • Easy accessibility to petrol stations at regular intervals facilitates convenient refuelling.
  • Petrol cars generally have lower maintenance costs and offer good low-end performance.
  • Particularly suitable for extended drives, making them a preferred choice in countries like India.

Disadvantages of Petrol Cars:

  • The cost of petrol is the highest among the three fuel options, resulting in relatively more expensive rides.
  • Petrol cars may exhibit lower high-end performance and torque compared to their diesel counterparts.
  • They emit carbon monoxide, contributing to environmental air pollution concerns.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Diesel Cars 

Here are all the advantages and disadvantages of diesel-powered cars you have to keep in mind before buying:

Advantages of Diesel Cars:

  • Diesel vehicles offer a lower running cost compared to petrol cars.
  • Diesel cars excel in high-end performance, making them ideal for long-distance travel.
  • Diesel engines generally have a longer lifespan than petrol engines.
  • Diesel cars exhibit higher fuel efficiency in comparison to their petrol counterparts.

Disadvantages of Diesel Cars:

  • Diesel cars tend to be more expensive upfront compared to petrol and CNG alternatives.
  • Diesel vehicles often experience higher Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) levels, leading to vibration and noise.
  • The cost of spare parts and maintenance for diesel cars is relatively higher.
  • Diesel engines may lack the refinement found in petrol engines.
  • Despite their longer lifespan, diesel engines face a phase-out due to environmental regulations, mandating shorter ownership periods than petrol and CNG cars.

Which Fuel Type Should You Choose?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to which fuel is best, CNG vs petrol vs diesel. Here are some essential points to guide your decision:

  • Diesel Cars for Performance and Longevity:

Opt for diesel cars if you seek overall good performance, substantial mileage capability, and long-lasting durability.

  • Petrol Cars for Low Maintenance and Power:

Choose petrol cars if your priority is low maintenance and robust engine performance with ample power.

  • CNG Cars for Daily Commutes and Eco-Friendliness:

If your primary requirement is a vehicle for daily commutes with minimal running costs, consider CNG cars. They not only offer cost-efficiency but also contribute to eco-friendly driving practices, reducing environmental impact.

To Conclude

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Fuel Type

1.    Is CNG better than petrol?
CNG produces minimal combustion residue and less engine wear than petrol engine vehicles which extends its lifespan compared to petrol or diesel.
2.    Why is CNG preferred over petrol or diesel?
CNG is the cleanest fossil fuel, emitting harmless gases compared to petrol, coal, or diesel. Its cost is also lower than that of petrol and diesel.
3.    Is CNG risky in cars?
The higher ignition temperature of CNG makes it much safer compared to petrol vehicles.
4.    Why do people prefer petrol over diesel?
Petrol engines emit fewer pollutant particulate matter, making them less harmful to the environment. Also, petrol cars are less expensive than diesel cars.
5.    Is diesel bad for your health?
Diesel exhaust is classified by the World Health Organization as a confirmed human carcinogen, with scientific evidence linking it to lung cancer and asthma.


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