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Key Difference in Business Credit Score and Personal Credit Score

December 07, 2022 • 2802 views

An individual’s personal credit score and business credit score are two separate aspects. On the surface, however, both scores have only one difference. Your personal credit score covers your personal financial history, and your business credit score is related to your business’s financial history. These scores are used to determine your creditworthiness. 
Credit bureaus use the same metrics to determine your personal and business credit score. However, since personal credit is also used sometimes in the case of loan for businesses (sole proprietorship), maintaining both scores is important. Read on to find out more about personal and business credit scores. 

What is a personal credit score? 

A credit score is a three-digit number ranging between 300 and 900 that determines your creditworthiness. Lenders use this score to figure out if you are eligible for loans. A credit score closer to 900 is considered healthy. Having a credit score below 600 is considered poor and it might hamper your chances of getting a loan. Apart from your credit score, lenders also look at your credit history to determine your loan eligibility.

Factors that impact your credit score include:

  • Your previous debt vs. your income
  • Your repayment behavior
  • Credit utilization
  • New loans you have applied for
  • Your credit mix consists of your credit cards, all loan accounts, etc.

If your credit score is below the required number, making all your payments on time and clearing off your dues is advised.

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What is a business credit score? 

A business credit score is used to determine the creditworthiness of your business. However, the factors used to determine your business credit score differ. These factors include:

  • On-time payment history
  • Business vintage
  • Open lines of credit
  • New lines of credit
  • Collections over the past 7 years

A business credit score is crucial not only for applying for loans but also for conducting your business profitably. While signing a deal, suppliers and vendors check your business credit score. If you have a good business credit score, you can negotiate better deals with your vendors.

If you have a low business credit score, it is advised to make your payments on time, aim for a lower credit balance, and keep business debt low.

Personal Credit Score vs. Business Credit Score

Credit scores for Personal Loans and Business Loans are calculated on similar parameters. However, there are some minor differences that you need to know. Personal credit score and business credit score is calculated based on:

Personal Credit Score

Business Credit Score

Debt-to-income ratio

Repayment history

Repayment behaviour and history

Business vintage

Credit utilization

Open lines of credit

Latest loan applications

New lines of credit

Credit mix

Past collections


Minimum CIBIL score for Personal Loans and Business Loans varies from lender to lender. However, it is important to maintain a credit score within the range of 700-900 to secure loan approval.

Is a personal credit score required for Business Loan approval?

Although personal and business credit scores are closely related, lenders will check your personal credit score while approving your Business Loan in certain cases. Your personal credit score will be considered if your business falls under the MSME category. It will also be considered if your business does not have a substantial credit history, and in cases of sole proprietorship and self-employed individuals.

You can avail of a Personal Loan or Business Loan by maintaining a good credit score and financial hygiene. Maintaining a healthy credit score also improves your financial habits for the future. In some cases, this might also enable you to negotiate for a lower Business Loan or Personal Loan interest rate.

Summing up

Whether it is for personal use or business, having a good credit score is crucial if you wish to avail of funds. Your personal and business credit scores determine your creditworthiness and give a snapshot of your credit hygiene to lenders. Hence, it is advised to maintain both scores diligently.

The minimum CIBIL score for Personal Loan varies from lender to lender. But remember generally all lenders might approve your Personal Loan and Business Loan applications if you have a good credit history.

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