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7 Maintenance Tips For Smooth Running Of Your Old Car

April 22, 2024 • 799 views

Your car is an extended part of your family, and every car enthusiast understands how important it is to maintain a car. It helps extend the life of your car and helps avoid any sudden expenses, especially if you own a second-hand car. As a responsible car owner, you must know at least these 7 car maintenance tips. Read on!

7 Maintenance Tips for a Second-hand Car

1. Battery Maintenance

The battery is an important part of the smooth functioning of your car. Maintain a regular check-up schedule to take care of the car's battery life. Servicing of batteries is a must to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Check out the battery terminals to ensure the establishment of a strong connection. If you find the battery old and unreliable, consider replacing it.

It's advisable to buy car batteries from well-recognised brands. Replacing the old one with an unreliable brand might impose risks in the long run, damaging the vehicle overall.

2. Check Tyre Pressure

Regularly looking after tyre pressure improves fuel conditions and reduces its wear and tear. Checking tyre pressure is one of the important maintenance tips for your pre-owned vehicle. Keep the air pressure inflated as per the manufacturer's recommended level.

Rotating the tyre regularly is also essential to bring stability and promote extra life for tyres. Having overinflated or underinflated tyres can also be very unsafe.

3. Fluid Change

Cars require different fluids, including coolants, engine oil, gearbox oil, power steering fluid and more. Change of these fluids is necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of your vehicle. Check these fluid levels regularly and change them to let the vehicle function optimally. If you neglect maintenance of these fluids, it will lead to overheating of the engine.

Make sure there is no fluid leakage. To learn about fluid changing intervals, consult with the manufacturer. Changing fluids at regular intervals will increase the longevity of your second-hand car. Otherwise, it will pose a threat to the engine.

4. Cleaning of Air Filter Regularly

Air filters, if kept unchanged, will become clogged and restrict the flow of air. Thus, it will affect the fuel efficiency and thereafter, the overall performance of your car. Following the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer, clean or replace the air filter regularly. Cleaning the air filter once a year ensures the efficient performance of your car engine. 

5. Check Suspension

Different components of suspension in your pre-owned vehicle can lead to wear and tear. Thus, checking suspension issues is a critical factor. One of the easiest ways of determining if your vehicle is facing any suspension issues is to pay attention to swaying and bouncing at low speeds. If you face consequent bumps and shakes as you go on a long drive, it thereby indicates a suspension issue. Any squeaky noise in your car while driving is also a sign of suspension.

6. Clean Interior

Make sure to clean your car's interior, especially before you go on a long drive. Washing your car regularly not only makes it look clean but also prevents the car paint from rust and corrosion. Additionally, vacuuming the interior surface of a car enhances your driving experience and restores its resale value. For further assistance, you can call the car washing centre to help you clean your car's interior for a longer lifespan.

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7. Safe Drive

It would be best if you drove safely to maintain the longevity of your pre-owned vehicle. A study revealed that people driving safely face less maintenance costs than those driving harshly and at great speed. Make sure to accelerate at a steady pace to let the suspension, brakes and engine live longest in your second-hand vehicle.

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To Conclude

Following the above-mentioned tips will help you maintain your used car and make it run smoothly. Additionally, one of the new maintenance tips for used cars includes not letting new cars sit idle for a prolonged period. This might damage cylinder rings; spark plugs and others. It can also result in batteries draining away. Conduct regular check-ups to follow potential problems before they turn up as major issues. This will enable you to save time and money for your car along with increasing its lifespan.


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