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Professional Loan: What It Is, Who Can Opt For It - Here's Everything!

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Recent times have seen abundant growth in self-employed professionals. Apart from people in business, these professionals spend time honing their skills and talent acquisitions to take their careers to the next level of growth. Along with time and skill, a professional also needs funds to advance their career. These professionals include doctors, chartered accountants, management consultants, architects, etc. For example, Professional Loans for CA help chartered accountants secure funds for expanding and marketing their service to society.
Professional Loans help professionals, like doctors and chartered accountants, ease their financial constraints. These loans help such professionals expand and grow their businesses and meet their capital needs. Attractive interest rates, minimal documentation, and quick approvals add to the benefits of a Professional Loan.

Features of a Professional Loan

  • Quick Processing

When it comes to a Professional Loan for doctors, the processing and approval process is very quick. It is because these professionals are experts in their field who will return the money to the lender on time. Hence, loan providers facilitate hassle-free and speedy services for processing the loan.

  • Immediate disbursal of funds

Fund disbursal happens immediately after the processing and approval of the loan by the lender. As a result, the maximum time that the loan provider takes to credit the required funds is from 24 – 48 hours. It makes it easy for professionals to secure and access the funds to develop their careers.

  • Extended Loan Tenure

Professionals like doctors and chartered accountants usually see slower growth at the beginning of their careers, which multiplies over time. Hence, they require extended periods of repayment tenure to worry less about the capital needs of their professional life. It is made possible by loan providers offering professional CA loans for 12 – 60 months.

  • No collateral needed

Professional Loans are generally unsecured loans. A professional must not submit collateral to access the borrower's funds. Concentrating more on uplifting their career rather than worrying about collateral security is an excellent option.

  • Low-interest rates

Competitive interest rates are an added advantage for these professionals to not pay the excess amount in the form of interest every month. Instead, the monthly repayments are made in instalments and calculated at very low-interest rates that are lighter on their pockets. It ensures that professionals can secure their funds without paying excess to the lender.

  • Higher loan amount

The basic need of every self-employed professional is to have the capital to keep his business running. Professional Loans for CA and doctors are available for up to Rs 30 lakhs and can be used for pretty much anything! They can be invested in a new office, buying new equipment, or even in marketing activities.

  • No hidden charges

These loans are transparent to the borrower. They have no hidden charges, part foreclosure or full foreclosure. It makes it helpful for professionals to pay and write off loan amounts in bulk when available. The ease it offers continues to benefit these professionals.

Types of Professional Loans:

Professional Loans are mainly available to three of the most critical professionals in our society. They are:

  • Professional Loan for Chartered Accountants: 
  • Professional Loan for doctors:
  • Professional Loan for Company Secretary: 

Eligibility for getting a Professional Loan:

To be qualified, check professional loan eligibility for a Professional Loan, an individual must match the following criteria set out by the loan provider.

  • A degree certificate or Diploma certificate indicates that you are a professional in the field.
  • An individual must be between the age of 22 - 65 years
  • Must be a resident of India and of Indian nationality.
  • Must be a self-employed individual to secure a Professional Loan.
  • Any other eligibility grounds that deem fit by the lender regarding your profession.

Application for a Professional Loan:

A professional willing to apply for a Professional Loan can do so in a few quick and simple steps.

  • Visit the loan provider's website from whom you want to secure the loan amount.
  • Sign up for the website by providing details of your contact and address.
  • Add additional information like the professional you are, and the loan amount required with the repayment tenure.
  • Scan and attach documents that the lender requests for proof.
  • Click "Submit" and wait for a lender representative to contact you.

Documents required for a Professional Loan:

Professional Loans for doctors and CA mostly require the same documents for approval submission. They are:

  • Proof of identity and address
  • Certificates of professional degrees and diplomas
  • Bank account statement of your self-employed business for the last six months
  • Profit and loss statement of the business organization
  • Any other document that may be required to prove professional grounds


A self-employed professional needs a lot of capital and financial aid to keep his business on a triumphant note. Not always does the profit suffice such needs. Hence, they opt for Professional Loans to meet their financial demand. Professional Loan for CA is widely used to expand the business to a larger scale. At the same time, Professional Loan helps doctors get better reach and improve their valuable service to the community. These loans help professionals to strive toward their goals and conquer them with the help of the right financial lender.


We take utmost care to provide information based on internal data and reliable sources. However, this article and associated web pages provide generic information for reference purposes only. Readers must make an informed decision by reviewing the products offered and the terms and conditions. Professional Loan disbursal is at the sole discretion of Poonawalla Fincorp. 
*Terms and Conditions apply

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