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Five Easy Steps to Financial Planning for Doctors

July 14, 2022 • 3019 views

Even though financial planning for doctors is a time-consuming procedure, today we simplify it into a straightforward five-step approach to set you on the proper course. After following these instructions, your work will by no means be finished; this is just the beginning. You can use these suggestions to assist, establish (or adjust) your course in financial planning if you are just beginning your profession or perhaps are in the middle of your job and have discovered your finances aren't where you want them to be. 

Financial planning for doctors may differ from one individual to another. As it greatly depends on individual circumstances and preferences. But the workload and hectic schedules of doctors hardly leave any time for personal activities. Many priorities may be neglected amid the chaos of practice and juggling one's personal life. There are several financial aspects of life that one needs to keep track of, like finishing or amending your will, ensuring you are on schedule for retirement, and children's study fund, among many other things. A thorough financial strategy makes it easier to coordinate these priorities and guarantees their completion. Being proactive will increase your ability to accumulate wealth and reduce your chance of being caught off guard.

Early financial education and lifestyle expansion under proper supervision can help to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Mid- to later-career physicians may be so preoccupied with their established practice and a busy personal/family life that making time to consider their financial preparedness—that is, whether they are on track for retirement or whether their insurance is adequate to protect them in a crisis—often gets put off. As a result, many doctors have been forced to continue working into their late 60s and 70s. A road map that you may follow to realize your goals for the future will give you confidence and increase the likelihood that you will be successful in getting where you want to go.

What are Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Simple Interest and Compound Interest are two forms of interest that a person who obtains the loan has to pay to the bank or financial institution from which they take the Professional Loan

Simple Interest
Simple Interest paid or received over a certain period is a fixed percentage of the principal amount that was borrowed or lent. Here is the formula:

Simple Interest = P×r×n
P=Principal amount
r=Annual interest rate
n=Term of Professional Loan, in years

Compound Interest
Compound Interest is calculated by multiplying the principal amount by one plus the annual interest rate raised to the number of compound periods, and then minus the reduction in the principal for that year. With Compound Interest, borrowers must pay interest on the interest as well as the principal. The formula for Compound Interest is-
Compound Interest=P×(1+r)t−P
P=Principal amount
r=Annual interest rate
t=Number of years interest is applied

The interest rate with Poonawalla Fincorp is among the lowest compared with competitors. This when combined with easy approvals and minimal documentation, creates a hassle-free Professional Loan application process. 

5 Step Process to Financial Planning for Physicians & Healthcare Professionals

The following is the 5-step process for financial management for doctors that can help them optimize their financial health and help in achieving future goals:

Step 1: Outline your financial goals- Every strategy in life begins with the establishment of certain objectives or goals, and financial planning is no exception. Your financial goals and where you envision yourself personally and financially in the future must be clearly stated. Considering that you'll need money when you stop working, retirement planning is an important aspect of this phase. Few doctors can count on a pension in retirement; as a result, they must self-fund their golden years, which requires saving money. You should think about when you want to retire and how much funds you'll need each year to maintain your ideal standard of living. The next step is to estimate how long you will need your retirement savings and how inflation will affect your yearly income requirements. Other objectives like purchasing a home or sending children to school will also require planning, so keep that in mind as well.

Step 2: Understand your debt obligations: Numerous physicians' unmet financial ambitions are primarily caused by their high debt loads. Getting ahead of debt can be challenging due to Compound Interest. No matter the type of debt— educational debt, lifestyle debt, mortgage debt, or Professional Loan—debt needs to be handled from the start. This involves creating a reasonable repayment schedule that takes into account your other major financial objectives. With a committed plan and a clear understanding of your wants vs your requirements, you may quickly pay off debt while living the lifestyle you love.

Step 3: Pay yourself First- Automate: As income sources increase, there is a clear temptation to spend more money on maintaining your desired standard of living. With rising costs, doctors are more likely to have cash flow problems and to forgo their savings to pay off debt and prevent further borrowing. An important approach to use to make sure you can reach your objectives and retire whenever you want with the money you need is automating your savings so that a portion of your salary automatically goes toward your retirement plan and other financial goals.

Step 4: Plan your Investments- It's critical to make sure that funds have the chance to expand as they amass. Many doctors have sizable sums of money in their bank accounts that are not being invested. To maximize your potential for investment returns, it's important to take into account your time horizon, risk tolerance, level of diversification, and reduction of needless costs. Additionally, it's critical to use registered investment vehicles to enhance tax efficiency.

Step 5: Estate Planning: You will need a well-thought-out plan if you want to support the subsequent generations in your family, your community, or in any other way leave a lasting legacy. Wills and estate plans need to be kept current and amended whenever a significant life event occurs as well as over time as your assets grow. For the individuals who will need them to have access to them after you are gone, make sure they are maintained in a secure, designated area that your loved ones are aware of.

Up to 14 years can pass between undergraduate study, medical school, and residency for doctors. That excludes fellowships and specializations, leaving many doctors with considerable Student Loans. The framework for the particular financial difficulties that physicians experience is set by the debt and the length of time it takes to start earning a full wage. You put forth a lot of effort to become an authority on healthcare. It's time to hand over financial management to the professionals. 

The process of financial planning for physicians and healthcare professionals is complex and calls for consistent effort. Whether you decide to handle this yourself or delegate it to a reputable expert, make sure it is top of mind and appropriately optimized. Choose Poonawalla Fincorp for your Professional Loan today.


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