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How a Doctor Loan can help you expand your medical practice

March 19, 2022 • 5862 views

Being a practicing doctor in India comes with its own set of challenges. The poor work-life balance, increasing costs and the never-ending task of building a reputation among patients are the known challenges. If all this is coupled with running your own practice, you as a doctor have a dual responsibility of curing patients and running a business.

With the rise of digital technologies, there have been several advances made in the area of healthcare, technology, and the way doctors work as professionals. Be it getting the updated patient management software, buying new medical devices, expanding your clinic, or hiring additional staff, there are several requirements of a doctor which may require additional funds.

Want to know the good news? Several lenders like Poonawalla Fincorp have launched specialized loan products for Doctors that are better suited for this profession. These products have been designed keeping in mind the unique needs of Doctors and can help you expand in no loan to expand medical practice

Top 5 ways how a doctor loan can help you expand your medical practice:

1. Expand clinic

One of the primary objectives for doctors in private practice is to expand the clinic. It could be by way of expanding within the existing location or by opening a new clinic in another area to target additional patients.

Whatever be the end objective, a business loan can help you meet these objectives with ease. Expanding within the existing office space or opening a new location is easier said than done. You require capital i.e. money and a lot of it to expand your practice. A Professional Loan for Doctors could be the right choice for expansion.

2. Acquire advanced medical equipment

With the changing medical technologies, there are better solutions available for patient care and treatments almost every year. In case you are looking to acquire advanced medical equipment, a Professional Loan for Doctors can help you do that right away.

You could be looking at AI-powered, machine learning-enabled medical devices that will help you perform better and provide better solutions to patients. Such equipment is costly and requires a sizeable monetary commitment from your side to make it work. A Doctor Loan can help you finance these purchases and help you expand your medical practice.

3. Invest in marketing efforts

In today’s day and age, marketing is not only limited to big companies and customer-facing businesses like restaurants and salons; you need to have a marketing ecosystem powering your clinic to attract more patients. Nothing is stopping you from marketing your clinic on digital platforms to help more patients know more about your capabilities.

If a large number of patients are not even aware of the kind of services and solutions you can offer, they would move to other doctors. For your clinic to thrive, you need a constant inflow of patients. While marketing on new-age platforms is effective, it can be a sizeable one-time monetary commitment depending on the exposure you are willing to take.

It is, therefore, important to opt for a Professional Loan for Doctors if you do not wish to dip into your savings or capital reserves for the marketing budget.

4. Hire additional staff

For expanding your medical practice, you may require specialized and trained staff that will help to look after more patients. Also, having additional staff will give you the headroom to focus on other aspects of business which may require more focus, planning, and dedication.

As a result, it is important to hire the right kind of trained staff to help you expand your medical practice. It can be administrative staff, medical staff, or even a marketing team; these roles can help you focus on other aspects of the business.

Poonawalla Fincorp understands the unique requirements of the medical profession and has launched specialized Professional Loans for Doctors. Know more about Poonawalla Fincorp’s Professional Loans for Doctors.

5. Invest in administrative technology

Investing in administrative technologies like electronic media record systems, virtual executive assistants and other tools can help you manage your day-to-day operations better. While the investment into administrative technological solutions makes your life easier, they may be costly one-time investments that you need to make. As a result, you can always opt for a Doctor Loan which will help you streamline the financing bit.

These are the best ways in which a Doctor Loan can help you expand your medical practice. Poonawalla Fincorp offers Professional Loans for Doctors with higher loan amounts, pocket-friendly interest rates, quick approvals, and no hidden charges. We are known for ourcustomer-first attitude and understand the unique requirements of your profession. Know more about Poonawalla Fincorp’s Professional Loans for Doctors.


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