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How Technology Is Helping Easy Access to Personal Loan 

August 24, 2022 • 4361 views

The development of web technology over time has benefited the finance sector and its method of service delivery. It has radically changed how we conduct business and manage our finances. The Internet has made it possible for financial institutions to grow by achieving better access to more consumers, thus enhancing financial inclusion.

For instance, ten years ago, acquiring a Personal Loan was regarded by users as a cumbersome task because it required extensive research to find financial institutions that offered Personal Loans and then satisfy the strict eligibility requirements. However, this is no longer relevant. With the emergence of digital Personal Loans and a plethora of free tools and calculators at the users' disposal, applying for a Personal Loan has never been simpler.  

Technology has Revolutionized How We Apply for Personal Loans

Comparing Lenders has Become Effortless  

Applying for a Personal Loan now is much simpler than earlier. There has been a rise in new competitors offering comparable loan products due to RBI's decision to permit NBFCs to operate in the retail lending market. Hence, borrowers now have abundant options.

You may simply compare and get information on Personal Loan interest rates, eligibility requirements, maximum loan amounts, and more--all online. As a result, you can decide which option best meets your financial needs.  

Easy Online Personal Loan Application

 The days of applying for a Personal Loan in person and negotiating interest rates and repayment terms with the lender at a bank branch are long gone. You can now submit an online Personal Loan application form from the convenience of your home. From verification to approval, every following action is handled online using technology.

You must provide the necessary KYC documents, including your PAN card, AADHAAR card, proof of income, bank account statement, and other basic paperwork. The lender will then verify these documents after receiving your application and approve the loan if you are eligible. For both lenders and borrowers, this streamlines the process and eliminates the need for physical documentation because it is simpler to keep track of all the changes.  

Rapid Loan Approval  

It has become easier for lenders to issue Personal Loans for qualified borrowers as they have instant access to borrowers' credit history through credit information companies (CIBIL). Additionally, because most applicants now have their PAN and Aadhaar Cards linked to their mobile numbers and bank accounts, the lender's verification procedure moves along more quickly.

Time-consuming procedures like manual document verification, secure document storage, physical verification, etc. have been made obsolete by technology. With the advent of the digital Personal Loan, all the information is entered by the borrowers on the platform and is digitally verified by the lender. This has led to a significant decrease in the likelihood of error. Moreover, greater process efficiencies lead to faster Personal Loan approval timeframes and better customer service.

Free-to-Use Online Tools

You can now quickly estimate your digital Personal Loan EMI and the maximum amount you can borrow based on a few simple criteria using free online tools and calculators like the Personal Loan EMI calculator. For the borrowers, this greatly improves convenience and transparency throughout the loan application process.

You can determine the EMI amount for various repayment terms using the EMI calculator. You can then choose a term that will result in EMI payments that fall within your comfort zone. A thorough presentation and breakdown of the EMIs (principal and interest component) for the selected loan tenure are provided to you by the EMI calculator in the form of an amortization schedule. 

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Flexible Loan Tenure and Digital Support

Borrowers can truly personalize their loans using online digital platforms to their individual needs, including the principal amount, payback duration, repayment options, etc. For instance, you can choose between offline and online loan repayment methods. For the online repayment of EMIs, many borrowers are encouraged to select between auto-debit via ECS (electronic clearing system), UPI, debit cards, and net banking.

By visiting online digital platforms, you can manage your digital Personal Loan with ease. You can also get easy access to information like how much of the loan is still outstanding, how much has already been repaid, and more. Without having to go to the lender's office, you can find answers to all your questions online.  

Robust Security

 For digital consumers, privacy is increasingly becoming a significant issue. Even as people adjust to this wave of digitalization, they are concerned that they would stand to lose a lot if their data were compromised, leading digital lenders are exclusively collaborating with reputable banks and NBFCs to make investments in cutting-edge security technologies.

The priority is to provide customers with high levels of security. Before approving a loan, they ensure that the borrower goes through thorough due diligence seamlessly. 

Final Thoughts

Digital lenders will keep experimenting with newer technologies as we go toward further digitalization. This acceleration in digitization is sure to make lending simpler and smoother for consumers. The lending ecosystem is only getting more sophisticated as customer behavior and preferences evolve.

A noteworthy example of these innovations made by fintech companies is buy-now-pay-later (BNPL), which enables customers to shop without fretting about having insufficient money in their pockets at the time of purchase. BNPL immediately converts their bills into manageable EMIs to minimize their financial burden.

The recent developments in online Personal Loan applications have been a major boon to both borrowers and lenders. The acceptance of these solutions is only growing. Have you joined the fintech revolution yet?


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