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Road Tax Amount for BH Registration Vs Normal Registration

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The road tax is often charged by both the State Government and the Central Government to the citizens and is collected in various methods. The road tax rules differ from state to state. This causes a few changes in tax rates when moving between Indian states, especially for govt. employees and employees with more than four office branches in the nation to reduce the time and paperwork required for the re-registration of vehicles owned by these employees. The government implemented the Bharat (BH) series number plate, so the employees do not have to re-register for road tax when they get transferred from one state to another. 

Let us understand briefly, what is a BH number plate, what are the BH number plate charges, and how is it different from normal registration.

What is BH (Bharat) Number Plate?

The government of India launched the BH number plate in September 2021. BH or Bharat number plates are the license number given only to few citizens, such as military, bank employees or employees having more than four offices branches in the nation. To reduce the documentation and time while processing the re-registration of the vehicle to another state. The BH number plate is a combination of the year of registration (YY), followed by BH, a 4-digit number and XX which indicates the vehicle type and is for limited citizens. 

BH Number Plate Cost & Tax Amount

To make transfers convenient for these specific citizens, the government charges a different road tax amount, which allows them to move from one place to another without re-registration. 

The BH(Bharat) number plate charges are as follows:    

 Price of Car

Road Tax on EV (electric vehicle)

Road Tax on Petrol, CNG Cars

Road Tax on Diesel Cars

Below Rs.10 Lakh




Rs.10 Lakh - Rs.20 Lakh




> Rs.20 Lakh





For instance, if the cost of the vehicle is Rs.10 Lakh, the BH(Bharat) number plate registration charges will be 8% on petrol and CNG cars, 6% on EV and 10% on diesel vehicles for two years. Hence, for petrol and CNG cars, owners are supposed to pay 0.08*2*1000000/15 = 10,666 should be paid as road tax every 2 years. 

Note: This tax will be computed based on the invoice price before GST (Goods and Services Tax) and Cess in accordance with the notification. Therefore, the vehicle road tax will be significantly reduced. Please note that about 45% GST+Cess is imposed on Mid Segment Cars.

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Road Tax for BH Registration Vs Normal Registration 

The RTO charges road tax for the development of roads and commuter safety. There are some minor changes in these tax rates when you cross the boundary of one state and go to another state.  With the BH number plate you can reduce the documentation and time spent on re-registration of the vehicle. These number plates are a combination of YY BH #### XX. The registration charges for BH number plates are 8%, 10% and 12%. 2% less for EVs (Electric Vehicles) and 2% more for diesel vehicles. 

On the other hand, normal registration of cars must follow the road tax rules implemented by the state government. For example, if the road tax in Maharashtra is as follows:

Type of Vehicle

Tax at the Time of Registration

Diesel Cars

13% if the cost of the vehicle is up to Rs.10 Lakh.

14% if the cost is between Rs.10 Lakh and Rs.20 Lakh.

And 15% if the cost is more than Rs.20 Lakh.

Petrol Cars

If the vehicle’s purchase price is Rs.10 Lakh, then 11%.

12% if the cost is between Rs.10 Lakh and Rs.20 Lakh.

13% if the cost is more than Rs.20 Lakh.

CNG or LPG vehicles

7% of the cost of the vehicle if the price of a vehicle is up to Rs.10 Lakh.

8% charges if costs between Rs.10 Lakh to Rs. 20 Lakh.

9% if the cost is more than Rs.20 Lakh.

Note: The road tax charges are different from one state to another. 

Importance of Registering Your Car in BH Series

  • Road Tax: the slab of Road Tax is between 6% to 14% in BH Bharat Series based on Car Price and Fuel Type.
  • HSRP Number Plate: Additional Charges would be applicable on the HSRP number plate. 
  • HP Endorsement Fees on RC: Payable only if you have taken a car loan to buy a Car, or else it's not applicable. 
  • Municipality Charges: Any State Development Tax or Municipality Charges would be additional over and above.


BH number plate registration is a successful initiative taken by the government. By implementing BH series number plate vehicle registration has become easier for the citizens with transferrable jobs. However, the BH number plate is not for everyone and the tax charges for BH number plate and normal registered vehicle are different.


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