Tips to Plan a Wedding

Useful 9 Tips to Plan A Perfect Wedding

May 30, 2022 • 2952 views

Everyone wants a perfect wedding and nobody deserves anything less than their dream marriage. Still, we all know that weddings can be costly, and managing all of the bills at once can be challenging. A person is likely to spend one-fifth of their overall wealth earned over their lifetime on their dream wedding. It is a considerable amount, but parents, the bride, and the groom enthusiastically shell out astronomical amounts (which they could ill-afford in most cases) on this occasion. This is driven by various reasons- emotional motives, a show of status, increased standard of living, a need for creating wonderful experiences for everyone involved, or even our sense of happiness tied to an elaborate extravaganza. Whatever be the underlying impetus, the hard truth is you need to be financially prepared to bring your dream wedding to fruition. Without a proper plan, you will end up in a situation where you extinguish all your savings and investments just for your dream marriage. That’s a dangerous proposition-essentially, you will be bargaining your future for the present.

The good news is – several options can give you your perfect wedding without interrupting investments marked for your future. One credible way is to avail of a Personal Loan for marriage.

Benefits of taking a Personal Loan for financing your wedding

  • Easy Process - Getting a Personal Loan approved has become a much simpler process. You can quickly get a Personal Loan with minimal documentation.
  • Protect your Investments - Personal Loans for marriage will protect your savings and investment. You can make your assigned investments towards achieving financial goals.
  • No Collateral - Personal Loan for marriage can be availed without collateral, though the tenure might be less for such loans.
  • All in one tapPoonawalla Fincorp offers you the comfort of a hassle-free and simple online application for Personal Loans for marriage. You can choose your repayment schedule, amount of instalment, and tenure of the Personal Loans for marriage according to your affordability.

Now that the finances are in place, let’s attempt to give you the best wedding day possible. Here are a few tips from the wedding industry experts across the globe that will be pretty useful in planning your big day-

1.    Design a Wedding Budget- Before you do anything else, get down with your partner and discuss your desired budget. The last thing you want is to choose a wedding outfit or a caterer only to discover that you can't afford it. Consider the expected number of guests and budget for everything and also account for unanticipated costs. 

2.    Rationalize your Budget- You will need to bridge the gap between the kind of wedding you desire and the kind of wedding you can afford. Create a list of priorities and be willing to sacrifice the rest to make your budget work. Try to separate your 'needs' and 'wants.' The list of 'needs' shall consist of items crucial to making your extraordinary day work, like a caterer or a photographer. However, 'wants' can only be considered once you have accounted for your needs.

3.    Managing the finances- If you and your partner or your parents have already saved up for your dream wedding, your life becomes quite easier; however, if you have a shortage of funds, the best alternative here will be to go for a Personal Loan for marriage.

4.    Opting for Personal Loans- Obtaining a loan is quite feasible. However, one must consider a few aspects before. The most important thing is to weigh the pros and cons of various loans and interest rates. You should also seek a loan term and EMI suitable for you. This is critical since it ensures that your money and lifestyle will not be harmed after the wedding. Talk to your partner about your repayment alternatives and find something that both of you are comfortable with.

5.    Select the Style of Your Wedding- Given the ever-changing nature of wedding trends, deciding on the style (classic, elegant, destination, rustic, etc.) of your dream marriage is vital for planning. It can make the process go more smoothly. Check your wedding budget and accordingly adjust the style of your wedding after considering the Personal Loan for wedding. 

6.    Trim the List- You need to keep your budget and your expenses in check for the wedding to reduce your financial burden. The easiest way to reduce your expenses is by limiting your guest list. 

7.    Setting a Date- Each couple's approach to selecting a wedding date is unique. Still, a good place to start is to consider how much time you'll need to dedicate to wedding planning. A wedding far in the future may induce a cloud of anxiety hanging over your head, especially if you fret over big assignments. In this scenario, you might want to consider shortening your engagement period. There are no inaccurate answers here. Some couples begin by selecting a meaningful date or an auspicious one chosen by their astrologers and then look at available locations on that date. Some others may be more hung up on specific locations and choose dates based on availability.

8.    Select a Venue- One of the most expensive aspects of your dream wedding is renting the venue. Booking your wedding venue is one of the most significant components of your wedding planning because it assists you in deciding on a theme and other factors such as the decoration, caterer, and band, among other things. Your date is officially fixed once you've signed the venue contract, and you can begin hiring other vendors and planning in earnest.

9.    Take It One Step at a Time- Develop a wedding planning timeline and approach each task one at a time so that you don’t end up struggling to juggle multiple responsibilities at a time. Assign and streamline tasks, so that they are completed consecutively. Don't hire any vendors until you've chosen a date; don't plan your cake until you've imagined your flowers, and don't reserve a band until you've decided on a venue. To make it less burdensome for both of you, team up with your partner and divide tasks. After all, you are a team for a lifetime now. 


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