what is good mileage on a used car

What Is Good Mileage On A Used Car?

May 09, 2024 • 464 views

When buying a second-hand car, a thorough checkup is necessary to ensure it's in decent condition. Mileage is one essential parameter that you must look into to help your decision-making process regarding the purchase of a second-hand car. Read on to know more about what good mileage for a used car and its importance.

Why Does a Used Car Mileage Matter?

Mileage helps you understand a car's longevity as every mile it covers contributes to the vehicle's wear and tear. Knowing the mileage helps you have an idea regarding the car's health. This acts as a crucial factor when opting for a used car loan. The lender will consider the vehicle's mileage as a parameter to determine the loan’s terms.

A used car with an average running of up to 14,500km/year for petrol and 18,000km/year for diesel is considered as good. So, while buying a used car, consider checking all parameters to know about the automobile’s health rather than simply relying on good mileage on a used car.

How Does Accrued Mileage Affect Used Car Prices?

The ideal mileage on a used car must be 14,500km/year for petrol and 18,000km/year for diesel. In case, the accrued mileage on such an automobile is higher than 14,500km/year for petrol and 18,000km/year for diesel, opting for a loan for a second-hand car might get tricky. A higher mileage can indicate that the car is very old and might not have longevity like cars of comparatively lower mileage.

It is important to note that accrued mileage on a used car is one of many parameters that can determine a car’s actual health. Other factors you should check are its service history, number of accidents (if any), car’s age, number of models sold, brand image and overall vehicle condition.

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Should I Consider Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles?

A certified pre-owned vehicle brings better assurance regarding the car's health and overall function. The dealers of pre-owned certified vehicles market almost newly used cars with lesser mileage. Such cars offer the experience of almost new cars with the best features at an affordable price.

Furthermore, certified vehicles sold by dealers have to go through several tests and inspections before being displayed for sale. Such vehicles receive certification for their condition after going through a rigorous inspection and refurbishment process. Most of these cars also come with warranties, despite being second-hand.

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To Conclude

Consider opting for certified pre-owned cars with good used car mileage for maximum reliability and a safe driving experience. Obtaining these warranties might require you to pay some additional charges. However, these can help you in getting your desired car loan easily sanctioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is good car mileage for used cars in kilometres for petrol and diesel cars?

For a petrol car, if you are wondering what good used car mileage in km is, it is 8-12000 km per year. While for diesel cars, the ideal used car mileage in km is 10-15,000 km per year. 

2. How many miles on a used car is too much?

The answer to this question depends on the car model and its age. However, in generic terms, mileage above 14,500km/year for petrol and 18,000km/year for diesel can be very high for used cars of today. Buying a used car with such mileage means you are exposed to chances of breakdowns. This can also impact your used car loan rates.

3. Is 16 km/litre a good mileage?

If your car provides a mileage of 16.5 km/litre, you can consider it as good mileage for a used car.


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