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What is GSTN? Full Form, Roles & Functions Explained

February 06, 2023 • 13095 views
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When the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was officially implemented in 2017 in India, it brought about a change in the entire taxation system of the country. The ‘one nation, one tax’ concept subsumed several indirect taxes into a single tax to make doing business easier across different states. 
However, businesses also needed a dedicated place where they could file GST returns easily and efficiently. This is where GSTN or Goods and Services Tax Network was introduced to provide that facility. Let us find out what GSTN is, learn more about the GST network, the full form of GSTN, and its roles and functions.

What is the GSTN and its Full Form?

The full form of GSTN stands for Goods and Services Tax Network. It is a computerized online system created by the Government of India to facilitate the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). It provides a platform that allows taxpayers to interact with the GST authorities and file their taxes electronically. It is managed and operated by the Goods and Services Tax Network Private Limited, also known as GSTN Pvt. Ltd.

The GSTN or GST Network was launched in 2017 and has been designed to simplify the process of filing taxes and make it more efficient. The purpose of GSTN is to provide a centralized and secure mechanism for businesses to file their taxes and provide the government with the necessary information to manage the GST law.

What are the Roles of GSTN?

The different roles of a GSTN are:

Single Window for Tax Payment

One of the main roles of GSTN is to provide a single platform for all taxpayers to file their taxes electronically. It also helps streamline the filing process by providing taxpayers with the necessary information and forms to file their taxes. GSTN also provides the government with an efficient way to collect GST revenues from taxpayers.

GST Management

In addition to providing a single platform for filing taxes, GSTN also plays an important role in the management of GST law. It helps the government to track the GST revenues collected from taxpayers and to ensure that the correct amount of taxes are collected from them. GSTN also helps the government monitor taxpayers’ compliance with the GST law.

Secure Payment Platform

GSTN also provides businesses with a secure platform to manage their GST accounts. This helps them to easily keep track of their GST payments and collections. GSTN also provides businesses with the necessary information needed to file their GST returns. It also helps them to easily make payments and collections under the GST regime.

What are the Functions of GSTN?

The key functions of the Goods and Services Tax Network GSTN are:

  • Registrations - This includes different businesses registering to file their GST returns through the portal.
  • Return Filing - The entire process of filing GST returns is facilitated by the GST network.
  • Payments & Refund - All payments and refunds can be managed via the Goods and Services Tax Network.
  • Invoice - The GSTN facilitates invoicing for the GST returns filed, the payments, and any refunds.

How to Register with the GSTN?

To register with the GSTN, simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the GSTN portal and apply for registration
  • Your details are verified and sent ahead to the central and your respective state government for further approval.
  • Once all the details are approved, you are issued a GST Identification Number (GSTIN)
  • Once the GSTIN is issued, the GSTN shares the taxpayer’s details with the applicable tax authorities


GSTN is a highly efficient and secure platform for businesses to manage their taxes. It provides taxpayers with an easy way to file their taxes electronically and helps the government in the collection of GST revenues. The GSTN system has been designed to make the filing of taxes simpler and more efficient. GSTN Pvt. Ltd. Manages and operates the GSTN system, and it provides taxpayers with the necessary forms and information to file their taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the GSTN?

The Goods and Services Network is a Government-initiated non-profit organization that helps in implementing and managing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India.

  • How does the GST Network work?

The GST network provides a one-stop platform that makes it easy for taxpayers to communicate with the GST authorities and file their taxes online.

  • What is the purpose of the GSTN?

The purpose of the GST network is to facilitate a hassle-free GST filing mechanism for businesses. Apart from that, it also helps the Government to manage and implement GST more effectively.


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