A day with our team

Find your Wings with us

Aptitude & Merit

Your aptitude and attitude are differentiators for us. If you have willingness to learn, and enthusiasm to enjoy your work, we want you!

Strong Leadership

Leadership is defined by your actions, and we encourage thought leadership and sharing of ideas.

Celebrate at Work

A hard day or hard week at work deserves an equally rewarding unwind. We celebrate all important events and festivals with great enthusiasm.


We believe in empowering the team, pushing them out of comfort zone and giving them freedom to take decisions and make mistakes.

Nurturing Skills

We have numerous learning programs for employees at all levels and across departments. We also encourage employees to take up external courses as required.

Talent Recognition

We leave no stone unturned in recognizing talent, efforts, and dedication of our employees as they always put their best foot forward.

What you’ll benefit

Live your best life

Apart from providing a rewarding career, Poonawalla Fincorp provides employees with numerous benefits for themselves and their families.

Health & Wellness

Medical insurance, life insurance & retirement plans

Flexible Benefits (optional)

Food coupons, conveyance, mobile bills, car ownership scheme, etc.

Training Programs

Food coupons, conveyance, mobile bills, car ownership scheme, etc.

Lifestyle benefits

Work-life balance and mobility.

Work & Celebrate

Festive celebration, birthday celebration, team activities, outings, parties, etc.

Our organization’s culture

Empowering teams

We provide the bridge between dreams and reality! The bridge is C.R.E.D.I.T.


Individuals come together to make unified decisions.


We don’t just focus on profit maximization; we focus on impact maximization.


When employees think like entrepreneurs, they take ownership of their tasks, & achieve great things.


A culture of directness indicates breaking walls between seniors & subordinates, thereby improving team dynamics.


We aim to carve out a niche for ourselves rather than take the beaten path.


We believe in utmost transparency in all our dealings, whether customers, employees, or any other stakeholders.

Our PAN India Presence