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How to Get a Low-Interest Rate on Your Personal Loan

July 22, 2022 • 3126 views

Over time, banking and financial systems have completely transformed. In today's rapidly expanding economy, acquiring loans has become incredibly simple. You might need some financial help for several reasons, such as a family wedding, the purchase of your dream home, a long-overdue international trip, etc. You must weigh all your options in order to meet such financial responsibilities. When it comes to addressing temporary and unexpected financial crises, Personal Loans are the most widely used financial instrument due to their flexibility of end-use, collateral-free nature, and widespread availability. Personal Loans are available from banks and NBFCs, all of which promise to provide the best support and most affordable interest rates. Although lenders are doing their bit, borrowers must make efforts from their end to get the lowest interest rates possible. 

Here Are Some Tips To Avail Of A Personal Loan With A Low-Interest Rate.  

Maintain A Healthy Credit Score 

A credit score of at least 750 is required to get a Personal Loan at an attractive rate of interest. In addition to this, a good credit score boosts your chances of being approved for new loans, ensures that you don’t have to compromise on the loan amount or period, and, most importantly, gets you competitive interest rates. Your CIBIL score, which is a representation of your financial position, will determine how all of this plays out. It shows every loan you've taken out and every payment you've made on it. As a result, those with higher CIBIL scores are viewed as being more creditworthy and are therefore eligible for loans with lower interest rates than those with CIBIL scores below 700. Therefore, a good credit score acts as a bridge to reduced interest rates.  

Do Your Homework Before Picking A Lender 

Each lender is distinctive. The way in which risk is evaluated, the interest rate, and the loan terms are slightly different from one another. The influence of online lending platforms has also expanded because of technological improvement. As a result, you must make an in-depth comparison to select the best lender. You can use the website of a loan aggregator. Such platforms give you an overview of all the features and offers of each lender's products on a single page. Don't forget to account for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) if you choose a digital platform. In addition, the method of application also affects the interest rates you receive. Online solutions increase your chances of getting a Personal Loan with low interest rate by cutting out middlemen, whilst offline methods improve your ability to negotiate. 

Look Out for Festive and Seasonal Offers 

Always be on the lookout for special offers, such as those given during festivals, when applying for Personal Loans online. Banks frequently introduce enticing deals giving lower than usual Personal Loan interest rates throughout the holiday season, which will ultimately enable you to reduce your long-term loan repayment costs. 

Maintain A Good Relationship With Your Lender 

A Personal Loan at a lower interest rate and with better terms and conditions may be easier to acquire if you already have a good working relationship with a bank or lender. This is because the bank or lender is aware of your responsible credit activity and that there is often less risk involved than when lending to a new customer. 

Having A Positive Employment History 

Long-term stability in your career is beneficial for your eligibility for Personal Loans online as well as for acquiring lower interest rates. Lenders frequently demand that candidates have a least 2-year employment record, including at least one year with their present employer. Personal Loans with fair prospects and lower interest rates are generally offered to those who work for reputable public and private companies, the central or state governments, etc. This is because it is thought that the applicants in concern have steady income and employment, making it less likely that they will default on their loans. 

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Check Interest Calculation Method 

Make sure you understand how lenders calculate interest before applying for a Personal Loan. Understanding how interest is calculated is vital because, while some lenders may give loans with a flat interest rate, where payments are based on the total loan amount, others may provide lower interest rates, where payments are based on the outstanding principal amount. Knowing how a lender calculates interest will help you avoid paying higher interest on your Personal Loan, which will save you a lot of time and money. 

Having A Healthy Repayment History 

Your credit history is important for various sorts of finances as well as Personal Loans online. The lender carefully examines your past loan defaults, number of outstanding debts, and repayment history. Your loan application will probably be turned down if you have a history of missing payment deadlines or are a loan defaulter. Regardless of whether your loan application is approved, you will be provided with a high-interest rate in this case. The best strategy in this scenario is to rectify any prior loan defaults. Aim to be responsible when it comes to making on-time payments for your debts. Wait for a few months after putting these measures in place before submitting a loan application. 

Choose A Shorter Term, If Possible 

The typical maximum repayment term for Personal Loans is 60 months. If your budget allows then it's advisable to choose a shorter term. In addition to helping you qualify for a Personal Loan with a low-interest rate, shorter terms will also lead to significant savings on interest. 

To Conclude 

Your entire cost of borrowing is determined by several factors, not just the interest rate. But the factors that go into your total borrowing cost include the interest rate, processing costs, and taxes like GST. The majority of borrowers neglect to take these factors into account in their rush to obtain the lowest Personal Loan interest rate. Processing fees and applicable taxes should always be taken into account when applying for Personal Loans online. The borrowers should also look out for any additional hidden fees. Searching for special deals might also assist in obtaining a Personal Loan with low-interest rate.  


  • Can I change the interest rate on a Personal Loan?

Generally, the interest rate on a Personal Loan is fixed at the time of borrowing, and it is not typically possible to change it unless there is a specific provision in the loan agreement, or you refinance the loan.

  • Can we use a Personal Loan to buy property?

Personal Loans are typically not intended for purchasing property, as they are unsecured loans with lower loan limits and higher interest rates, making them less suitable for real estate transactions. So, if you want to buy property, then you should opt for mortgages or home loans since these loans are specifically designed for purchasing property.


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