how often cibil score is updated

How Often CIBIL Score is Updated?

April 03, 2024 • 657 views

Your CIBIL score is a vital factor indicating your creditworthiness and financial behavior. The Credit Information Bureau India Limited calculates your CIBIL score, which ranges between 300 and 900, based on your loan repayment history, credit mix, credit utilization ratio, etc. CIBIL updates this score from time to time. 
Read on to learn when your CIBIL score gets updated and the factors responsible for the updates.

Factors Influencing Credit Score Updates

1. New Credit

Applying for a new credit, like a loan or a credit card, impacts your credit score. When you apply for a new credit, an enquiry will be made on your credit report. It is known as a hard enquiry, and it influences your credit score updates.

A new credit application is a good step towards building a credit score. However, too many credit applications can lead to too many enquiries, reducing your credit score. 

2. EMI Payments

EMI payments are also responsible for CIBIL score updates. Your CIBIL score gets updated if you pay or miss a monthly instalment. While making the EMI payments on time boosts your credit score, missed EMI payments can reduce it.

3. Debt Repayment

Debt or loan repayment also influences CIBIL score updates. Repaying your debt on maturity improves your credit score, while pre-payment or foreclosure may temporarily reduce it.

4. Change in Credit Utilisation Ratio

Whenever you increase or decrease your credit utilisation, your score gets updated. An increase in credit utilisation could minimize your CIBIL score, while lowering your credit utilization boosts your score. Ideally, you should keep your credit utilization ratio below 30%.

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Reasons Why Your CIBIL Score Is Not Getting Updated

1. Limited Credit Activity

If you do not have a mix of multiple credits or credit activities are limited, your CIBIL score may not get updated. If you are inactive in proper credit management for a longer period, it may lead to stagnant or reduced credit scores.

2. Delayed Reporting

Whenever you apply for new credit, make EMI payments, or foreclose a loan, your lender reports all these activities to the credit bureaus every 30 days. If your lender delays in reporting these activities, credit score updates might get delayed.

3. Errors in Your Credit Report

Errors and inaccuracies in your credit report can influence updating your credit score. Inaccuracies, such as incorrect payment history, unknown transactions, or accounts that do not belong to you can impact the calculation of your score. Hence, you should check your credit report on a regular basis and take action to correct the inaccuracies (if any).

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To Conclude

Your CIBIL score is updated every 30 to 45 days. Some of the common factors affecting your credit score are new credit applications, EMI payments, debt repayment, loan foreclosure, and changes in credit utilisation ratio. But sometimes, your CIBIL score may not get updated due to limited credit activity, delayed reporting by lenders, or errors in your credit report.

Hence, you should be proactive about checking your credit report and score on a regular basis to avoid uncertainties. Trusted NBFCs like Poonawalla Fincorp enable you to check your credit score for free with their free CIBIL checker tools.  


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