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Top 7 Benefits of Personal Loan to Purchase a New Car

April 30, 2022 • 5158 views

As per capita income increased in India, people started spending more on cars. If you are planning to take a loan to buy a new car, then you need to approach the lending market for a suitable car loan. By now you should know that lenders only fund up to 80% of the cost of your car. If the remaining 20% of the cost of your car is not readily available with you, you can consider taking a personal loan instead of a car loan. The answer to the question of whether to take a car loan or a personal loan to buy a car depends on a lot of factors.Let us understand them:


Car loans are secured as the collateral will be your car. If you default on your loan, the lenders will confiscate your car. On the other hand, personal loans are not given against collateral and hence if you buy a car and are unable to pay the loan, the lender will not be able to seize your car. Of course, they will initiate other actions to try and recover the loan amount.

Interest Rates and Loan Amount

Personal loansgenerally have higher interest rates than car loans. The reason for this is obviously that unsecured loans such as personal loans do not have collateral to back them, unlike car loans. The loan interest rate you will serve on a personal or car loan depends on your credit score and credit rating. When buying a car, you will want to get it with a low-interest rate.

Thus, with a good credit rating and a personal loan, you will have two advantages – you will be able to get the full cost of your desired car in the form of a loan, that too at a competitive interest rate. People with good credit ratings are also eligible for higher Personal Loan amounts, hence the cost of your car is covered under the personal loan umbrella.

Car loans fall under the category of low-risk loans as they are secured loans whereas it is not the case with personal loans. So, if your credit score is slightly lower and you want to buy a car, a car loan will do the trick for you as it is a secured loan. Also, a person with a low credit score can get up to 80% of the cost of the car as a loan amount through a car loan, but not through a personal loan, as the lender does not risk giving large loan amounts to those people. Persons with a low credit score may get a Personal Loan from a lender but at a much higher interest rate.


As mentioned above, if you are taking a car loan, you will get only 80% of the cost of your car as the loan amount. However, a personal loan might cover the entire cost of your car. Also, if you do not have the funds to pay 20% of the cost of your car readily available with you, you can go for a personal loan instead of a car loan.


The money you borrow through a car loan can only be used to buy a car, while money borrowed through a personal loan can be spent on numerous other things, apart from a car.

Ease of Availing

As mentioned above, personal loans are unsecured. Lenders are very careful while giving a personal loan. If you apply for a personal loan when you have a bad credit score, you will be intimidated by market-high interest rates, or your application will be rejected because your risk-to-value is too high.

The lender will approve your car loan relatively easily. The process of applying for personal and car loans has been made extremely easy by banks and NBFCs and you can always visit the website of the lender to find out more. The lending requirements of personal loans are more stringentas it is unsecured, however, the collateral of the car loan makes the lending requirements easier for its borrowers.

Many times, you can do an on-the-spot deal of a car loan at a car dealer location as car dealers have tie-ups with many top banks and NBFCs. However, personal loans involve some degree of documentation and background checks. Your loan application is thoroughly scrutinized and only if there are no red flags does the lender approve the loan.

Loan Tenure

Personal loans and car loans have different tenure ranges. Personal loans are usually of 1-5 years while car loans are usually of 3-8 years. Longer tenure means lower EMI amount and higher interest payments for the borrower. On the other hand, shorter loan tenure means a higher EMI amount and lower interest payments for the borrower.


Since the car loan is secured, the car will not be bought or transferred in your name until you have paid the last instalment. Also, you will have to make a down payment at the beginning of the car loan as your car is not 100% financed through a car loan. However, these days, there are also 100% financing car loans in the market, but their interest rate or tenure is higher than the regular ones.

On the other hand, if you finance your car through a personal loan, you will get the ownership of your car instantly and no down-payment is required on your part if you secure the desired loan amount.

To Conclude

To decide between a car loan and a personal loan for buying a car, you must compare interest rates, tenure, loan amount, EMI, etc. in both cases and from multiple lenders. Generally, a loan specially meant for a purpose serves better for that purpose. However, in case you have a slightly lower credit score and are ready to bear a higher interest rate, you may opt for Personal Loan. Whichever loan type you opt for, regular repayment and disciplined spending habits are key to keeping you in good financial health.


We take utmost care to provide information based on internal data and reliable sources. However, this article and associated web pages provide generic information for reference purposes only. Readers must make an informed decision by reviewing the products offered and the terms and conditions. Personal Loan disbursal is at the sole discretion of Poonawalla Fincorp.
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