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Professional Loan Interest Rate & Charges

Loan up to 50 Lakhs | Attractive Interest Rate | Zero Foreclosure Charges

Borrowing cost-effectively is a given with the Poonawalla Fincorp Professional Loan. We offer Professional Loans for Doctors, CAs, and CSs at attractive interest rates, with great features, nominal fees, and no hidden charges.

With a competitive interest rate, you can begin a stress-free borrowing journey to meet any expense, without having to worry about exceeding your budget. Our loans are affordable and easy to manage, and we also have provisions for cost-effective prepayments.

Interest Rate Logo Interest rates
  • Availing of a favorable deal is easy when you borrow from Poonawalla Fincorp for your financing needs. Our Professional Loan interest rates are one of the most competitive and you can easily secure a cost-effective deal.
Loan Fees Logo Processing Fees
  • Our Professional Loan has a processing fee of up to 2% of sanction amount plus applicable taxes. This is a nominal fee charged for processing your application.
Payment Logo Prepayment charges
  • The Poonawalla Fincorp Professional Loan has no part-prepayment or foreclosure charges applicable. This means you can pay off your debt, partially or wholly, before the end of the loan tenure
Late Replayment Logo Late payment penalty

Defaulting on loan EMIs attracts a penalty and penalty charges are mentioned below:

  • Penal interest: 3% charged on the defaulted EMI amount every month

Also, in case of cheque bounce there will be a charge ₹500 per bounce, plus taxes as applicable

Professional Loan Interest Rates 9.99% p.a onwards
Loan Amount ₹1 Lakh to ₹50 Lakhs
Loan Processing Fees Up to 2% plus applicable taxes
Lowest EMI per month Starting from ₹2,124* per Lakh for 60 months
Loan Tenure 12 - 60 months
Prepayment/Foreclosure Charges Zero*
Late Payment Charges 3% per month
Cheque Bounce Charges ₹500 per bounce plus applicable taxes
Stamp Duty At actuals (as per state)
No Other Hidden Charges

Prepaying a loan is when you choose to pay a portion of the outstanding principal amount during the loan tenure. This is a smart financial move and can help minimize the debt burden. When done right, it saves interest and reduces the EMI amount considerably. These are the two key benefits, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you prepay your Professional Loan:

  • 1. You can only prepay your loan with your own funds
  • 2. You do not incur a prepayment penalty or pay any prepayment fees
  • 3. You should refer to the EMI schedule before you prepay
  • 4. You must only prepay if you can afford the added financial expense comfortably

Foreclosing a loan is when you decide to pay off the remaining debt completely in a single payment. Much like a prepayment, foreclosures also help you to save on interest However, before you opt to foreclose a Professional Loan, check out these guidelines.

  • Analyze and assess your financial standing to know if you can afford a foreclosure
  • Do a thorough cost-benefit analysis to know how much you will save. Use online calculators to get accurate and reliable results
  • Consider the impact of such payment on your private practice

What are the Professional Loan prepayment charges?

The Poonawalla Fincorp Professional Loan has no prepayment charges or penalties. You can make such payments at no additional cost and save even more in the process.

What are the Professional Loan processing fees?

Processing fees are administrative charges levied by lenders for handling loan processing. The Poonawalla Fincorp Professional Loan has a processing fee of up to 2% of sanction amount plus applicable taxes.

What are Poonawalla Fincorp Professional Loan foreclosure charges?

Foreclosing your Professional Loan with us is free and there are no additional charges or penalties applicable. Do note that any such payments made must be done with your own funds.

How do I get the best rate on a Professional Loan?

To get the best Professional Loan interest rate, you must meet the loan criteria, submit the required documents, have a strong credit profile, and maintain stable finances etc.

*T&C Apply

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