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How Much CIBIL Score Is Required For A Car Loan?

The minimum CIBIL score for a car loan may vary depending on various factors such as the loan amount, tenure, and other eligibility criteria. In general, 700 is the minimum CIBIL score for a car loan approval. A CIBIL score of 700 and above is generally considered to be a good score. It improves the chances of getting approved for a Used Car Loan and can also help you negotiate better loan terms and interest rates. Additionally, a good CIBIL score reflects your creditworthiness and responsible credit behavior, which can positively impact your future loan applications as well. Make sure, you maintain a good CIBIL score before you apply for a Used Car Loan to avail of a loan at attractive terms.

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Owning a car in today’s time is much more than a convenience for a commuter. It is a matter of safety, freedom, and a proud valuable asset.

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Buying a car involves a significant amount of investment! Before finalising a vehicle, you should do a thorough research of various car models

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