pre-owned car loan in hyderabad

Pre-Owned Car Loan in Hyderabad

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Poonawalla Fincorp Pre-owned Car Loan in Hyderabad

Get ready to drive in your own car

Hyderabad the ‘City of Nizams’ offers a fine mix of the old and the new. With history and heritage on one side and modern infrastructure with big multinational corporations on the other, Hyderabad has a well-developed intracity infrastructure, while being well-connected to most parts of the country. You can make the most of this location advantage by planning weekend getaways or road trips with your family to break the mundane routine. Be it a trek to Hampi with friends or a religious excursion to one of the many religious sites around the city with family, exploring the destinations in your own car will be an experience to cherish.

At Poonawalla Fincorp, we understand that owning a car today is just not about owning a mode of transport; it is a matter of convenience, safety, freedom, and luxury. So our Pre-Owned Car Loan helps you get a higher loan at a competitive interest rate with minimum documentation. Our simple loan eligibility lets you enjoy quick and hassle-free approval process at no hidden or foreclosure charges. If you’re looking for a second hand car loan in Hyderabad, choose Poonawalla Fincorp Pre-Owned Car Loan.

Avail the benefits of Poonawalla Fincorp Pre-Owned Car Loan in Hyderabad:

  • Used car loan in Hyderabad with higher amount of up to ₹30 Lakhs.
  • Up to 100% funding on a wide range of cars.
  • Attractive and competitive used car loan interest rate in Hyderabad.
  • Flexible tenure up to 60 months with no hidden charges.
  • Simple and minimal documentation.
  • End-to-end personalized doorstep service to assist in your loan process.

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