loan against property in bangalore

Loan Against Property in Bangalore

Higher Loan Amount | Longer Tenure | No Hidden Charges

Loan Against Property in Bangalore

Realize the potential of your property for financial needs

Bangalore fondly referred to as the garden city, has established itself as the top exporter of IT products and services, earning the title of “The Silicon Valley of India”. Its growing fame in the services industry has transformed Bangalore from a quaint town to the third most populous and fastest-growing metropolis in India. This multi-cultural and multi-ethnic cosmopolitan city perhaps has the most pleasant weather of any Indian city, all year round.

The government initiatives in infrastructure developments together with the growing demand for all kinds of real estate including plots, move-in homes, and commercial properties in the city, have led to a healthy increase in the value of properties in Bangalore. Any property that you own in Bangalore has the potential as a resource of funds. You can use these funds for your child’s education abroad, medical emergencies, wedding plans, a dream vacation or even business expansion.

If you are looking for a way to address a shortfall of funds, we are ready to assist you with our ‘Loan Against Property’ in Bangalore. Our Loan Against Property interest rates are amongst the best and help you unlock the growing value of your property or the untapped potential of your land. With Poonawalla Fincorp, you also enjoy end-to-end service, hassle-free processing, and high tenure for Loan Against Property.

Get a Loan Against Property in Bangalore with the Benefits of:

  • Maximum loan amount for the property value in Bangalore.
  • Wide range of properties in Bangalore are accepted as collateral.
  • Quick and easy approvals.
  • Minimal documentation process.
  • Low Loan Against Property interest rates in Bangalore.
  • Longer loan tenure with no hidden charges.

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