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Personal Loan Features & Benefits

Loan up to 30 Lakhs | 100% Digital Process | Quick Approval

Collateral Free | Large Sanction | Quick Disbursal | Flexible Tenure

When the time comes for you to avail a personal loan, make sure to get the best in the market. The features offered to you should have all the advantages of a personal loan. This is exactly what you get when you choose the Poonawalla Fincorp Personal Loan. Ease of access, online provisions, complete transparency, and simple criteria are just a few of the many benefits we offer to our borrowers.

Security Logo No collateral/security
With this instant personal loan, you get the funds you need without needing to pledge any security at all. Keep full possession of your assets and borrow money online without any hassles.
Loan Repayment Logo Flexible repayment tenure
Paying back your loan should be a comfortable experience, and you can experience this convenience with our personal loan. Choose a tenure that ranges up to 60 months, and never exceed your budget when repaying the loan.
Interest Rate Logo Attractive interest rates
The interest you pay dictates the cost of the loan, and you should always look for a deal you can afford. We offer a personal loan at an attractive interest rate to give you a pocket-friendly borrowing experience.
Documentation Logo Minimal documentation
Lengthy and long-winding eligibility and document criteria can make availing a loan quite stressful. This is why we only require you to meet simple criteria and submit just a few documents to get loan approval.
Benefits of Loan Multi-purpose high loan amount
With our online personal loan, you can fund your every need without any compromises. Access a personal loan amount up to Rs.30 lakh based on your profile and meet both small and big-ticket obligations.
Zero Charges Logo Zero foreclosure/pre-payment charges
Enjoy interest savings by diverting any disposable income you may have toward loan payments. To make things better, there are no prepayment or foreclosure charges at all.
No Hidden Charges Logo No hidden charges
There’s nothing hidden in our fine print, and all loan conditions are clearly presented. This loan has no additional charges, and you only pay what is clearly communicated.
No Hidden Charges Logo No restrictions on usage
Use this loan to fund any expense as there are no restrictions on usage. It is a multi-purpose loan that is designed to help you meet your needs with ease.
Loan Approval Logo Quick approvals
Loan processing can be taxing and time-consuming, but we promise an uncomplicated experience. Thanks to our minimal and relaxed personal loan eligibility criteria, you can avail quick loans when you need funds. We approve applications instantly and disburse your approved sanction in no time.
Easy loan Logo Easy and hassle-free process
We leverage technology to minimize the effort needed to get a personal loan. Apply online for our offering in just 5 easy steps through the user-friendly portal!

With complete flexibility on usage and repayment, you can use the personal loan amount to address any expense, big or small.

    Some of the most common reasons to take an instant personal loan are as follows:
  • Renovate a house
  • Consolidate existing debt
  • Fund a child’s higher education
  • Pay medical bills
  • Host a wedding
  • Pay travel fees
  • Step 1: Click on ‘Apply Now’ on our website
  • Step 2: Enter basic KYC details and upload the documents required for a personal loan
  • Step 3: Await application assessment and verification
  • Step 4: Receive confirmation on approval
  • Step 5: Approve and authorise personal loan online disbursal

What is a personal loan?
It is an unsecured financial offering that you can avail to meet your financial goals. This loan can be used for any personal expenses, without restrictions.

Do I need to submit any assets for a personal loan?
As this is an unsecured offering, you don’t need to submit any collateral or assets.

What are the best reasons to take a personal loan?
To avoid borrowing unnecessarily and accumulating debt, avail a personal loan after careful consideration. Common reasons to borrow include paying medical bills, consolidating high-interest debt, funding higher education, and renovating a home.

In how many days will my loan get disbursed?
Applicants with a good financial profile and credit history enjoy quick approval of their loan application. In such cases, loan disbursal can occur in just 1 working day*.

How much of the loan amount am I eligible for?
Depending on your profile, you can qualify for a sanction of up to Rs.30 lakhs. For an accurate figure, contact us for in-person assistance.

Can I borrow money online with this loan?
Yes, once you apply online and get approval, the entire disbursal process happens electronically and the money is credited to your bank account.

Why should I choose a Poonawalla Fincorp Personal Loan?
The features & benefits of a personal loan offered by Poonawalla Fincorp are amongst the best in the market. We prioritise your convenience and ensure that you have a comfortable borrowing experience. This is evident through the available advantage of applying for a personal loan online, which can be done in just 5 steps.

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